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Creating The Future: Counseling Psychologists in a Changing World


The conference agenda will include four days of keynote presentations, symposia, roundtable forums, continuing education, and professional training organized to promote interchange, dialogue and, collaboration among counseling psychology practitioners and academicians, mid-career professionals, early career professionals and students from around the world. Topics of great importance to counseling psychologists include but are not limited to the intersection of science and practice, multiculturalism and diversity, a developmental, strength based, and prevention approach to psychological problems, career and vocational psychology, attention to global and international psychology, supervision and training, health psychology, and counseling processes and outcomes.

The conference will offer a platform for dialogue, professional development and networking for academicians, practitioners and researchers. There will be opportunities for mentoring of students and early career psychologists by leaders in the field. National and global issues facing the field of counseling psychology will be addressed - through continuing education, working groups, symposia and legislative advocacy.

Abstracts from Previous Conferences

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