Early Career Professionals

Early Career Professionals or ECPs (those who are within 7 years of receiving a doctoral degree) are warmly invited to the International Counseling Psychology Conference!

A statement from current SCP president, Dr. Linda Forrest:

As President of the Society of Counseling Psychology, I am excited that the Society is developing a more comprehensive and systematic outreach and connections with early career counseling psychologists. You are the future of our profession and as such yours are important voices that the leadership of the Society needs to hear from regularly and listen to with great care. The leadership of the Society wants to help you create strong connections to your major professional organization early in your career, so you experience those benefits throughout your career.

This is a very exciting time to be a counseling psychologist! The International Counseling Psychology Conference will be held March 6-9, 2008 in Chicago at the Hilton Towers. This is the fifth counseling psychology conference since 1951 and the first one to have an international focus. We received over 600 program proposals and from those have selected a dynamic set of programs. Conference presenters include 160 individuals whose addresses are located outside the US along with numerous international scholars and students currently living in the US.

This is an important conference to attend as we will be creating the building blocks and agenda for the field of counseling psychology for the next decade. The conference starts on Thursday morning with many of the Society's Sections offering full and half Section conferences. Thursday evening the official conference will open with a large reception and a panel of international leaders from around the world. Friday and Saturday will bring more keynote speakers, symposia, working groups, continuing education, research paper sessions, roundtable discussions, and poster sessions. Friday night, universities will hold alumni receptions and give you a chance to reconnect with friends from graduate school days, followed by a dance. Saturday brings more keynote addresses, symposia, roundtables and poster sessions and ends with a reception for and remarks by Senator Patty Murphy, the senior Senator from the State of Washington. Sunday will end with a closing session that wraps up the conference and provides an opportunity for the students, ECP and international scholars to assess and comment on where we are as a profession and where we are going.

An Early Career Professionals Subcommittee was established early in the conference planning process to make sure that there was programming specifically focused on ECPs' professional interests and needs. This committee has developed 8 hours of invited programming. These programs are described elsewhere on the website.

We will be honoring many counseling psychologists throughout the conference for their unique and innovative contributions - many of those being honored are students and early career professionals.

Check out the conference website for details on all of the above (www.icpc2008.org) and join us to shape our counseling psychology future and for what will certainly be an important and significant moment in counseling psychology history.

Linda Forrest, Ph.D.
President, Society of Counseling Psychology
Professor and Department Head
Counseling Psychology and Human Services
University of Oregon

Early Career Professionals Programming

Division 17, Society of Counseling Psychology, is committed to supporting its ECPs and focused on your needs and interests while planning for the upcoming conference. The ECP Planning Sub-Committee is excited to announce the following programming and events to address your concerns and celebrate your contributions.

1. Career Pathways of International Early Career Psychologists

  • Dr. Oksana Yakushko, University of Nebraska - Lincoln - Building your research as an international ECP
  • Dr. Yu-Wei Wong, Southern Illinois University - Carbondale - Building an Academic Career in the U.S. and other countries
  • Dr. Pius Niutu, University of Texas - Austin - Building your Counseling Center career as an international ECP
  • Dr. Tanya Razzhavaikina, independent practice, Lincoln, NE - Building an Independent Practice as an International ECP

2. Conversation Hour for ECPs with Society's leadership

  • Dr. Linda Forrest, University of Oregon, current Division president
  • Dr. William Parham, JFK University, past Division president
  • Dr. Janet Helms, Boston College, Division president-elect
  • Dr. Lali McCubin, Washington State University, Chair of Section Chairs
  • Dr. Stephen Cook, Texas Tech University, Chair of Special Interest Groups

3. Build and Expand your Independent Practice for ECPs

  • Dr. Jean Carter - Building your independent practice
  • Dr. Melba Vasquez - Unique opportunities for Counseling Psychologists in expanding their private practice
  • Dr. Steve Eichel - Building a forensic practice

4. Conversation with State Psychology Boards: Updates on New Developments for Early Career Psychologists

  • Dr. Glenn Good, Missouri State Board
  • Dr. Bobbie Celeste, Ohio State Board
  • Dr. Roberta Nutt (waiting to confirm), Texas State Board

Must be scheduled on a day other than March 8 or 9th

5. Publishing in Co Psych Journals (co-sponsored with Student group)

  • Dr. Nadya Fouad, Journal of Counseling Psychology
  • Dr. Brent Mallikrodt, The Counseling Psychologist
  • Dr. Bonnie Moradi, ECP

Graduate student

6. Self-care for graduate students and ECPs (co-sponsored with the student group)

  • Dr. Kathryn Northworthy, Rolins College- Incorporating Mindfulness and Meditation in Personal and Professional Life,
  • Dr. Mary Fukuyama, University of Florida - Spirituality as Self-Care for Counseling Psychologists
  • Dr. Puncky Heppner, University of Missouri - Columbia - How a Counseling Psychologist Became a Potter: Self Care through Creativity

7. Insider Information: Tips for Launching Your Career and Balancing It

  • Dr. Matt Diemer - Michigan State University
  • Dr. Saba Ali Rasheed - University of Iowa
  • Dr. Angela Byars-Winston - Center on Education & Work, University of Wisconsin
  • Dr. Claytie Davis III, University of California - Berkeley

8. Navigating the Pathway: Developing a Career as a Counseling Psychologist?

  • Dr. Traci Callandrillo, American University, Career Pathways as a Counseling Center Psychologist
  • Dr. Briana Keller, University of Washington - Seattle, Career Pathways as a Career Center Counseling Psychologist
  • Dr. Chris Robitschek, Texas Tech University, Career Pathways of Academic Counseling Psychologist
  • Dr. Tiffany Sanford-Martens, Memphis VA, Career Pathways within Independent Practice and VA Hospitals

9. Counseling Psychologists Developing Community Based and Human Rights Organizations

  • Dr. Maria Prendes-Lintel - For Immigrants and Refugees Surviving Torture Project: How to Build a Multicultural Services Center
  • Dr. Sharon Horne - MOSAIC: How to Create a Local Human Rights Organization
  • Dr. Krista Chronister - Building ACCESS: How to Develop a Community-Based Program for Women Experiencing Violence

ECP Mentoring Event

An exciting ECP mentoring event will take place on Saturday during lunch hour. ECPs will be able to meet, ask questions, and get advice/mentoring from some of our most distinguished counseling psychologists. Please keep tuned for more information...

ECP Highlights throughout the Conference

Issues and interests related to being an early career professional will be highlighted throughout the conference. Many sections and organizations within our Division are addressing the ECP concerns. ECPs will be honored during awards and recognition times. Exciting give-aways and announcements are also being planned.