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Friday, March 7, 2008
1:00 PM -1:50 PM          
Poster Sessions I - Mental Health and Individual Differences 
Training in Counseling Psychology Roundtables
Roundtable One
Early Career Professionals’ Experiences of Teaching Multicultural Courses. Debra Mollen, Texas Woman's University
Roundtable Two
From Student to Professional: Successfully Navigating the Process. Nima Patel, Kelly Neville, Kenneth T. Wang, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Roundtable Three
Training Psychologists for Today’s University and College Counseling Centers. Martha Dennis Christiansen, Arizona State University; Gregory T. Eells, Cornell University; Dan Jones, Appalachian State University
Roundtable Four
Updating Clinical Training Facilities: Challenges and Strategies. Claire J. Dandeneau, Indiana University of Pennsylvania; Lorraine J. Guth, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Roundtable Five
Current movement of Counseling psychology in Taiwan and Its Impact on Training and Practice of Counseling Professionals. Chi-Ping Deng, National Changhua University of Education, Taiwan; Ting-Kao Lien, Far East University, Taiwan
Roundtable Six
Counseling Psychology Graduate Training Intersects with Social Justice. Doris Kirkpatrick, Michael O'Heron, Elizabeth Sellers, Erin Snyder and Lawrence Gerstein, Ball State University
Roundtable Seven
The pre-doctoral Internship: A Training Ground for Social Justice. Corinne Datchi-Phillips, Indiana University; Lisa Ades, University of Maryland; Wendi Tai, Indiana University
Roundtable Eight
The Training Needs for Psychological Counselor in Saudi Arabia. Mohammad jamalallail, Umm Al-Qura University, Saudi Arabia
Roundtable Nine
Examination of PTSD Universality in Canadian-Indonesian Training. Bart Begalka, Trinity Western University, Canada; Kuriake Kharismawan, Universitas Katolik Soegijapranata, Indonesia; Ninik Supartini, Universita Gada Majah, Indonesia
Roundtable Ten
Enhancing Multicultural Competence: Lessons from Summers in Mexico. Carrie Castaneda-Sound, Monte Bobele; Joan Biever, Karri Zumwalt and Aaron Castillo, Our Lady of the Lake University
Conversation Hour for ECPs with Society’s Leadership
Chair: Oksana Yakushko University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Presentations: Linda Forrest, University of Oregon; William Parham, JFK University; Janet Helms, Boston University; Lali McCubbin, Washington State University; Stephen Cook, Texas Tech University
How to Succeed in Counseling Psychology: A Panel Discussion with Diverse Counseling Psychologists
Chairs: Brittany Barber, Marquette University; Glenna Stumblingbear, Oklahoma State University; Alia Fons-Scheyd, University of Miami
Presentations: Melba Vasquez, Independent Practice; Tammi Vacha-Haase, Colorado State University; Larry Gerstein Ball State University
CRESMET’s Virtual Counseling Center:
Counseling Psychology Responding to National Priorities in a Global Society
Chair: John J. Horan, Arizona State University
Presentations: Career assessment utilizing new technology. Terence J. G. Tracey, Arizona State University; Provision of career information in a new age. Dominic Prime, Nathan White, and Sean P. Horan, Arizona State University; Research on Academic and Life Skill programming in the VCC. Sharon Bell, Kristine Goto, Brian Garbarini, and Bridget Seeley, Arizona State University; The Future of the Virtual Counseling Center. John J. Horan, Arizona State University
HIV/AIDS and Africa: Counseling Strategies and Issues
Chair: Johanna Nilsson, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Presentations: The Challenges and Rewards of Working with HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa. Rex Stockton, Indiana University; Socio-behavioural Aspects of HIV Vaccine Trail Enrollment. Ashraf Kagee, Stellenbosch University, South Africa
Advances in Training and Supervision of Counselors and Psychotherapists
Chair: Clara E. Hill, University of Maryland
Presentations: Helping Skills Training for Novice Therapists. Clara E. Hill, University of Maryland; Preparing Students to Embrace Uncertainty While Searching for Certainty. Thomas M. Skovholt, University of Minnesota; The Supervisory Relationship. Mary Lee Nelson, University of Wisconsin-Madison; When Supervision Fails: The Dark Side of Supervision. Nicholas Ladany, Lehigh University
Multinational Perspectives on Supervision and Training II
Co-Chair: Youngkyun You, Yonsei University, Korea; Georgios Lampropoulos, Florida State University
Contextual Influences in Vocational Psychology: A three dimensional model
Chair: Nadya A. Fouad, The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Presentations: Contextual Factors in Vocational Psychology: Intersections of
Individual, Group, and Societal Dimensions
. Neeta Kantamneni, M.S. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Nadya A. Fouad, Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Using Narrative Approach to Address Contextual Factors in Career Development. Y. Barry Chung, Ph.D., Georgia State University; Franco Dispenza, Georgia State University; Societal Constraints & Individual Resources in the Career Development of Youth of Color in Poverty. Matthew A. Diemer, Michigan State University; Contextual Factors in Career Counseling: A Look at Practice. Mary Fitzpatrick, M.S., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Kristin M. Vespia, Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
Discussant: Nadya A. Fouad
Building International Research Teams: Issues, Opportunities, and Challenges
Chairs: Robert W. Lent, University of Maryland; Lawrence H. Gerstein, Ball State University
Presentations: Crossing the Atlantic: Iceland - US Collaboration. Stefanía Ægisdóttir, Ball State University; Sif Einarsdóttir, University of Iceland, Reykjavík, Iceland; Social Cognitive Theory and Career Development: Italian – US CollaborationLaura Nota and Salvatore Soresi, Universita degli Studi di Padova, Italy; Steven D. Brown, Loyola University Chicago; Cross-Cultural Research Collaboration between Taiwan and US.:  Benefits and Challenges. Lifei Wang, National Taiwan University; P. Paul Heppner, University of Missouri-Columbia
Principles and Applications of Community Engagement: Case Study of the Society for Counseling Psychology
Chair: Eve Adams, New Mexico State University
Presentations: Michael Mobley, University of Missouri, Columbia; Rebecca Toporek, San Francisco State University
Training for a Changing World: Student Scientist-Practitioners
Chair: Kathleen Chwalisz Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL
Presentations: Weaving Science Throughout an Adolescent Career Exploration Program.  Sarah A. Miller,& Jane Swanson; Assisting Rural Caregivers from a Scientist-Practitioner Perspective. Kayla M. Hand, Kathryn Rimstad Anjuli Amin, & Kathleen Chwalisz; Scientist-Practitioner Integration within a Multicultural Context. Vinetha Belur, Anna Matyja, Frances C. Shen, & Yu-Wei Wang; Scientist-Practitioner Experiences in a Career Counseling Training Clinic. Donna LaBarge, Charles Hees, & Patrick Rottinghaus
International Perspectives: Challenges for Women Work/Family Balance
Chair: V. Scott Solberg, University of Wisconsin – Madison Presentations: Anticipating Work-Family Conflict and Facilitation:  Differential Effects for Women Seeking Careers in Science versus Social Science. Rachel Gali Cinamon, Tel Aviv University, Israel; Use of Concept Mapping to Identify Korean Women’s Experiences Associated with Career Interruption. Yoon-Jung Choi, Seoul National University, Seoul Korea; Multinational Study of Women’s Anticipated Challenges in Balancing Work and Family Roles and Health. Wendy Close, Wisconsin Lutheran College – Milwaukee; Rachel Gali Cinamon, Tel Aviv University, Israel; Janice Jones, Cardinal Stritch University – Glendale; V. Scott Solberg, University of Wisconsin – Madison; Kimberly A.S. Howard, University of Wisconsin – Madison
Research Paper Presentations 
Career and Work Issues
Chair: Ruth Fassinger, University of Maryland
Presentations: The Investigation of Self-Efficacy of Working Adolescents. Ezgi Denizel Guven Pamukkale University, Turkey; Kamil Orhan Pamukkale University, Turkey; Personality and the Career Commitment Process.   Leili Jin University of Hong Kong, China: David Watkins University of Hong Kong, China: Mantak Yuen University of Hong Kong, China; Masculinity and Work Relationships in Norway and Turkey. Elin Ovrebo University of Memphis; Suzanne H. Lease University of Memphis; Ayse Ciftci Purdue University; Guler Boyraz University of Memphis; Research Training Environment-Research Interest Relationship. Eric Demeer University at Albany, State University of New York; Matthew P. Martens University of Memphis.
2:00 PM - 2:50 PM         
Poster Sessions II - Professional and Training Issues
International and Multicultural Roundtables
Roundtable One
Go International? A Primer on How To. Andres Consoli, San Francisco State University; Maria del Pilar Grazioso, Universidad del Valle, Guatemala; Marisela Lopez, Universidad del Valle, Guatemala
Roundtable Two
Addressing the Needs of International Students through Groups. Yuhong He, University of Missouri-Columbia; Hung Chiao, University of Missouri-Columbia; Taleb Khairallah, University of Missouri-Columbia , Adipat Chaichanasakul, University of Missouri-Columbia; Catherine Hsieh, University of Missouri-Columbia
Roundtable Three
Generation NeXt and Intercultural Consciousness: Challenges and Opportunities. Nicole C. Cox, Illinois State University; Kim A. Hays, Illinois State University
Roundtable Four
From Personal to Professional Interactions: How Much Do We Really Know about the Unique Needs of International Students in the U.S? Chi-Ping Deng, National Changhua University of Education, Taiwan; Eunha Kim, Penn State University
Roundtable Five
Multicultural Counseling with International Students. Nancy Arthur, University of Calgary, Canada
Roundtable Six
Students’ Experiences With Multicultural Training: Past, Present, Future. Eric A. VandeVoorde, Purdue University; Silvia Donatelli, Purdue University
Roundtable Seven
New Developments in Clinical Work and Scholarship with Immigrants and Refugees. Oksana Yakushko, University of Nebraska; Alejandro Morales, University of Nebraska; Manijeh Badiee, University of Nebraska; Soumya Maddabhushi, University of Nebraska; Sherry Wang, University of Nebraska
Roundtable Eight
Trauma and Domestic Violence (DV): Are Immigrants Different? Norma Ortega, Penn State University; Nataly Woollett, American Art Therapy Association
Roundtable Nine
Strategies for Research with Religious Minority Populations. Innocent Okozi, Seton Hall University; Nancy Hammoudah, Western Michigan University; Ben Beitin, Seton Hall University; Amanda Lienau, Alfred University; Arpana Inman, Lehigh University
Roundtable Ten
Cultural Tailoring of Psychosocial Research Measures. Donna Baptiste, University of Illinois at Chicago; Charu Thakral, University of Illinois at Chicago; Chisina Kapungu, University of Illinois at Chicago
Conversation with State Psychology Boards: Updates on New Developments for Early Career Psychologists
Chair: Larisa Buhin, Chicago School of Professional Psychology
Presentations: Glenn Good Missouri, State Psychology Licensing Board; Bobbie Celeste, Ohio State Psychology Licensing Board; Roberta Nutt, Texas State Psychology Licensing Board
National Policy and Practice for Counseling Youth in Korea
Chair: Li-Fei Wang, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan
Presentations: Chang Dai Kim, Seoul National University, South Korea; Young Soon Kim, Chung-nam Youth Counseling Center and Han Counseling Association;
Hanna Choi, Incheon Youth Counseling Center
Strategies for Higher Education Institutions to Support International Students
Chair: Sayaka Machizawa, TheChicago School of Professional Psychology
Presentations: Needs Assessment of International StudentsSayaka Machizawa, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology; Program Development for Support of International Students. Kayoko Hayashi, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology; "From Shanghai to Chicago ---- Studying, Living, and Experiencing."
Jie Qian, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, USA.
Discussant: Michael Smith, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
Twenty Years of the Minnesota International Counseling Institute: Dreams and Realities
Chair: Michael Goh, University of Minnesota
Presentations: Evolution of the MICI: Tracing the Path Across 20 Years. John Romano,
University of Minnesota; MICI Guiding Principles. Tom Skovholt, University of Minnesota; Working with Multicultural Teams at the MICI. Kay Thomas, University of Minnesota
Discussants: Moshe Israelashvili, Tel Aviv University, Israel; Sung-Kyung Yoo, Ewha Women’s University, Korea
Advancing Psychotherapy Process and Outcome Research: Current Status and Future Directions
Chair: Susan Lonborg, Central Washington University
Presentations: Can’t We All Just Get Along?: The State of the Art in Family Therapy Research. Micki Friedlander, University of Albany/SUNY; What Do We Know About Insight in Psychotherapy? Clara Hill, University of Maryland; Strengths-Based Psychotherapy: Current Status and Future Directions. Mike Scheel, University of Nebraska at Lincoln; Collie Conoley, University of California at Santa Barbara
Vocational Process and Outcome Research: Understanding the Prevalence of Work Issues. Sue Whiston, Indiana University-Bloomington
The Role of Counseling Psychology in Cross-disciplinary Education and Training
Chairs: Linda Campbell, The University of Georgia; Cindy Juntunen, The University of North Dakota
Presentations: Counseling Psychologists in Medical Education: Roles, Opportunities and Challenges. Nicole Borges, Wright State University; Counseling Psychology in Health Administration, Public Policy and University Consultation. Louise Douce, The Ohio State University; Multicultural Counseling Psychology Research and Practice in Higher Education. Roger Worthington, University of Missouri-Columbia
Learning from the Tragedies: Basic Lessons of Crisis Management from Columbine to Virginia Tech
Chair: Greg Brack Georgia State University
Presentations: Basics of Crisis Management for Those in the Helping Professions. Greg Brack, Georgia State University; Crisis Management Specifics for Those in Supervisory and Leadership Positions. Michelle Hill North, Georgia College and State University
Adult Attachment and Interpersonal Problems: Sharpening the Focus
Chair: Frederick G. Lopez, University of Houston
Presentations: Contributions of Parental and Adult Attachment Security to Interpersonal Problems. Frederick G. Lopez, University of Houston; Correlates of Psychological Abuse Perpetration in College Dating Relationships. Barbara A. Gormley, Georgia State University; Patterns of Male Interpersonal Violence: A Latent Regression Class Analysis.  Anne Marie Mauricio, Arizona State University
Discussant: M. Carole Pistole, Purdue University
Improving Mentoring of International and Ethnic Minority Students
Chair: Richard Suinn, Colorado State University
Presentations: MentoringMminority or ADHD Undergraduates: A Skills Approach. Geraldine MarkelUniversity of Michigan, Michigan; Cultural Beliefs of International Students: Demands on Mentoring Style? Roger Tweed Kwantlen, University College, Canada; Meeting Mentoring Needs of Iinternational Students Studying Abroad: A Personal Perspective. Tatia Mei Chun Lee University of Hong Kong, China; Minority Graduate Student’s Personal Views and Advice on Mentoring: A National Survey. Harriette Wimms University of Maryland
Graduate Psychology Education Grants in Counseling Psychology Programs
Chair: Eve M. Adams, New Mexico State University
Presentations: Training Counseling Psychologists to Provide Services to the Elderly. Tammi Vacha-Haase, Ph.D., Colorado State University; Collaborative Training in Geropsychology for Rural Elders. Cindy Juntunen, University of North Dakota; Training with underserved populations through primary care practica. Stephen W. Cook & Lee M Cohen, Texas Tech University; Primary Care Behavioral Health Training on the U.S.- Mexico Border. Eve M. Adams & Kay E. Ennis, New Mexico State University
Discussant: Len T. Sperry, Florida Atlantic University
The Intersection of Race, Ethnicity, and Sexual Orientation
Chair: Tania Israel, University of California, Santa Barbara
Presentation: Tania Israel, University of California, Santa Barbara
3:00 PM - 3:50 PM         
Poster Sessions III - Vocational Psychology and Educational Issues
Navigating the Pathway: Developing a Career as a Counseling Psychologist
Chairs: Traci Callandrillo American University; Chris Robitschek Texas Tech University
Presentations: Career Pathways as a Counseling Center Psychologist. Traci Callandrillo American University; Careers Pathways as a Career Center Counseling Psychologist. Briana Keller University, Washington-Seattle; Career Pathways of an Academic Counseling Psychologists. Chris Robitschek, Texas Tech University; Career Pathways within Independent Practice and VA Hospitals. Tiffany Sanford-Martens, Memphis VA
SAS and APAGS Leaders: Updates and Opportunities for Involvement
Chair: Jaryn Allen, University of North Dakota
Presentations: Emilia Boeschen, University of North Dakota; Jessica Semler, University of North Dakota; Colleen Johnson, University of North Dakota; Nadia Hasan, The University of Akron; Michael Madson, University of Southern Mississippi; Carol Williams-Nickelson, American Psychological Association; Konjit Page, University of North Dakota; Kristi Van Sickle; APAGS Past-Chair
Challenges/Supports to Adolescent Career Development Across Borders
Chair: Sherri Turner, University of Minnesota
Presentations: Challenges/Supports to Adolescent Career Development in U.S. Urban Areas. Sherri Turner, University of Minnesota; Chilean Adolescent Educational, Work, and Career Challenges. Ellen Hawley McWhirter, University of Oregon, Benedict T. McWhirter, University of Oregon; Jesus Redondo, Universidad de Chile; Challenges to Implementing Career Interventions with Diverse Rural High School Students. Saba Rasheed Ali University of Iowa; Examining Career exploration in at risk Israeli youth. Rachel Gali Cinamon Tel Aviv University, Israel
Discussant: Lisa Flores, University of Missouri-Columbia
Implementing the “Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Girls and Women” in Training, Research and Practice
Chair: Connie R. Matthews, Consultant/Trainer, State College, PA
Presentations: Challenges and Inspirations of the Guidelines for Clinical Practice. Pamela R. Remer, The University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY; Infusing the “Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Girls and Women” in Education and Training in Psychology. Y. Barry Chung, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA; Implementing “The Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Girls and Women:” The Role of Research. Dawn Szymanski, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN
Discussant: Sue Morrow. The University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah
Practice Keynote: A Report on National Practice and Advocacy Issues
Chair: Linda Forrest, University of Oregon
Presentations: Carol D. Goodheart, Private Practice, Princeton, NJ
Counseling Health Psychology: Past, Present, and Future
Chair: Brian Lewis, University of Miami
Presentations: Marilyn Stern and Suzanne Mazzeo, Virginia Commonwealth University;         
Tom Merluzzi, Notre Dame University; Kathie Chwalisz, Southern Illinois University
Retirement Transitions: Visions for Baby Boomers and Beyond
Chair: Nancy S. Elman, University of Pittsburgh
Presentations: Discovering New Paths in a World of Opportunities. Jaquie Resnick, University of Florida; The Forks in the Road: In Search of a Diverse Menu. J. Manny Casas, University of California, Santa Barbara; Fifty Years in the Counseling Field and Still Running. Allen E. Ivey, Microtraining Associates, Inc.; Back to Basics. Dorothy Nevill, University of Florida
Multicultural Issues Around the Globe: International Perspectives on Multiculturalism
Chair: Jeeseon Park, McGill University, Canada
Presentations: Multicultural Counseling Issues in Taiwan. Yu-Wei Wang, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Shu-Ping Lin Gouverneur Hospital, Canada ; Ethnic Diversity and Multicultural Counseling Concerns in the former USSR. Oksana Yakushko, University of Nebraska at Lincoln; Applying ADDRESSING Model to Counseling Issues in South Korea. Oksana Yakushko University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Keeyeon Bang Korea Digital University, South Korea, Jeeseon Park, McGill University, Canada; Cultural Pluralism in Canada: Implications for Research, Training, and Practice in Counseling Psychology. Jeeseon Park McGill University, Canada, Ben C.H. Kuo, University of Windsor, Julie Irving McGill University, Canada, Kaori Wada McGill University, Canada
Research Paper Presentations
Gender and Couples/Family Issues
Chair: Glenn Good, University of Missouri
Presentations: Gender Ideology and Entitlement as Predictors of Anger Management. Ryon McDermott University of Houston, Max Nisenbaum University of Houston, Jonathan Schwartz University of Houston; Perceptions of Gender in Turkey, India and the US. DavidTager University of Missouri, Vishal K. Gupta University of Nebraska, Germine Awad University of Texas- Austin; Counseling Men Who Have Sex with Men. PandyaApurva MS University of Baroda, India; Level of Marital Satisfaction among Fertile Working and Non-Working Females. Muhammas Azam Tahir University of Balochistan, Pakistan, Shaista Mushtaq Bahuddin Zikrya University, Pakistan
Depression and Suicide
Chair: John Westefeld, University of Iowa
Presentations: Youth Suicidal Tendencies in Iran. Susan Sahami Islamic Azad University, Iran, Siamak Khodarahimi Islamic Azad University, Iran; Reasons for Living and Suicidal Ideation among Arab Adolescents. Moshe Israelashvili Tel Aviv University, Israel, Helen Kakunda-Mualem Tel Aviv University, Israel; Preventing Depression Among Urban African American Children.  Keith Herman University of Missouri Columbia, Sharon F. Lambert George Washington University, Wendy M. Reinke University of Missouri-Columbia, Nicholas Ialongo Johns Hopkins University; Hope, Perfectionism, and Depression in Middle School Students. JeffreyAshby Georgia State University, Christina Miner Georgia State University, Lydia Canty Georgia State University, Wendy L. Dickinson GROW Counseling, Kenneth B. Matheny Georgia State University
3:00 PM - 4:50 PM         
Crisis Intervention on Campus: Strategies and Lessons from VTU
Chair: Karen Settle, Southern Methodist University
Presentations: Sherry Benton, University of Florida; Chris Flynn,Virginia Tech University
Advances in the Study of Diversity: Race/Ethnicity, Gender, and Sexual Orientation
Chairs: Robert W. Lent, University of Maryland; Elizabeth Vera, Loyola University Chicago
Presentations: Stephen M. Quintana, University of Wisconsin, Madison; Ruth E. Fassinger, University of Maryland; Roberta L. Nutt, Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards
Practical Strategies for Teaching Social Justice
Chair: Rick Weinberg, University of South Florida, Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute
Presentations: Bringing Social Justice/Community Welfare to Internship Trainin. Rick Weinberg University of South Florida, Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute; Training Students in Domestic Violence/Social Justice. M. Meghan Davidson University of Nebraska – Lincoln; Teaching Social Justice in a Psychology Graduate Program. Susan R. Torres-Harding Roosevelt University; Steven A. Meyers Roosevelt University; Social Justice and Advocacy: A Graduate Student Perspective. Amina Mahmood University of South Florida, Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute.
Discussant: Elizabeth M. Vera, Loyola University-Chicago
Religion and Spirituality’s Future in Counseling Psychology
Chair: Everett L. Worthington, Jr., Virginia Commonwealth University
Presentations: The Future of Religion and Spirituality within Professional and Organizational Psychology. Stephen Cook, Texas Tech University; Students’ Perspectives on the Training for Religion and Spirituality in Counseling Psychology Programs. Yu-Wei Wang, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale; Religion and Spirituality as a Pathway to the Study of Virtues and a Target for Positive Psychology Research. Everett L. Worthington, Jr., Virginia Commonwealth University; Relational Spirituality and Intercultural Development: An Emerging Integration. Steven J. Sandage, Bethel University; Change in Spirituality and Religiosity Following Traumatic Events. Patricia Frazier, Samantha Anders, Margaret Gavian, Sulani Perera, and Sheila Frankfort, University of Minnesota and the Prospective Trauma Study Team; Collaborating with the African American Church to Address Minority Disaster Mental Health Disparities. Jamie Aten, University of Southern Mississippi
Discussant: Stanton L. Jones, Wheaton College
Internship Supply and Demand: Perspectives from the Education and Training Spectrum
Chairs: Karen Taylor, The Ohio State University; Jeff Baker, University of Texas Medical Branch
Presentations: Catherine Grus, American Psychological Association Education Directorate; Emil Rodolfa, University of California, Davis; Cindy Juntunen, University of North Dakota
4:00 PM - 4:50 PM         
Poster Sessions IV - International 
The Counseling Psychologist and Psychopharmacology: Prescribing in New Mexico
Chair: Elaine LeVine, New Mexico State University
Counseling Psychologists as Federal Policy Experts and Advocates
Chair: Diane L. Elmore Public Interest Government Relations Office, American Psychological Association
Presentations: Psychology and Public Policy: One Counseling Psychologist’s Journey. Diane L. Elmore, Public Interest Government Relations Office, American Psychological Association; Political Advocacy: A Necessary Competency for Counseling Psychology. Laura Palmer, Seton Hall University; Counseling Psychology's Role in Federal Advocacy. Louise A. Douce, Ohio State University
Counseling Psychologists Developing Community Based and Human Rights Organizations
Chairs: Denise Montano Edgewood; Oksana Yakushko University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Presentations: For Immigrants and Refugees Surviving Torture Project: How to Build a Multicultural Services Center. Maria Prendes-Lintel; MOSAIC: How to Create a Local Human Rights Organization. Sharon Horne; Building ACCESS: How to Develop a Community-based Program for Women Experiencing Violence. Krista Chronister
Suicide: Assessment, Treatment, and Prevention
Chair: Shana Markle Ball State University
Presentations: Suicide Assessment. Aimee Prater, Ball State University; Jane Roskowski, Ball State University; Treatment of Suicidal Behaviors. Shana Markle, Ball State University, Aarika Vannatter, Ball State University; Suicide Prevention. Kasee Matters, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Angela Heinzman, Ball State University
Discussant: Robin Lett, Ball State University
Goals in Action: Integrating Positive Psychology, Training, and Social Justice on Campus
Chair: Danny Singley, The University of California, San Diego
Presentations: Working the University System to Address the Needs of At Risk and Underrepresented Students. Jeanne Manese, The University of California, Irvine; Facilitating Social Justice Outreach on Campus.  Derek K. Iwamoto, California School of Professional Psychology Alliant International University-Los Angeles; Goals in Action: Well-Being Research on Campus. Danny Singley, The University of California, San Diego
Discussant: Alberta Gloria, University of Wisconsin, Madison; Claytie Davis III, University of California, Berkeley
Experiences of Early Career Psychologists Involved in Professional Leadership
Chair: Nathan Grant Smith, Texas Woman’s University
Presentations: Navigating and Interacting with the APA Organizational Structure as a Student and Early Career Psychologist. Michael B. Madson, University of Southern Mississippi; Leadership Through the Sections: Finding a Professional Family in Counseling Psychology. Laurie “Lali” McCubbin, Washington State University; Becoming a Leader: Integrating Professional Service into Professional Identity as an Early Career Psychologist. Nathan Grant Smith, Texas Woman’s University; From Eager Grad Student to Over-involved Post-ECP. James L. Werth, Jr., Radford University
Discussant: Ruperto M. Perez, Georgia Institute of Technology
Counseling (and) Psychology in Europe: Examples from Iceland, Sweden, and Greece
Chair:Stefanía Ægisdóttir, Ball State University
Presentations: Counseling and Counseling Psychology in Iceland. Stefanía Ægisdóttir, Ball State University; Sif Einarsdóttir, University of Iceland, Iceland;
Psychology in Swede. Johanna E. Nilsson, University of Missoury-Kansas City; Thomas Lindgren, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden; Counseling in Greece. Georgios K. Lampropoulos, Florida State University; Anastassios Stalikas, Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, Athens, Greece
Creating a Social Justice Focus in the Counseling Psychology Curriculum
Chair: Eve Adams, New Mexico State University
Presentations: What is Social Justice? Reflection and Action in Training. Benedict T. McWhirter, University of Oregon; Ellen Hawley McWhirter, University of Oregon;
What Kind of Psychologists Do We Want Our Students to Become? Suzette L. Speight, Loyola University Chicago; Social Justice Advocacy Training through the First Year Experience. Maureen Kenny, Boston College Lynch School of Education; Social Justice in the Heartland. Sharon L. Bowman, Ball State University; Cultivating Counseling Psychology’s Prevention and Social Justice Roots. Eve Adams, New Mexico State University; Michael Waldo, New Mexico State University; Rachel Navarro, New Mexico State University; Lisa Grayshield, New Mexico State University
4:00 PM - 5:50 PM         
Looking to the Future: Thoughts from Division 17 Past Presidents
Chair: Jean A. Carter, Private Practice, Washington, DC
Presentations: John D. Krumboltz Stanford University; Allen Ivey University of Massachuetts; Jo Ida Hansen University of Minnesota; Bruce Walsh Ohio State University; Nadya Fouad University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee; Puncky Heppner University of Missouri
Multicultural Competency Training Needs of African American Graduate Students
Chair: Karen McCurtis Witherspoon, Chicago State University, Chicago IL
Presentations: The Integration of Multicultural Theory and Practice in Practica and Internship. Francine Bellamy, Chicago State University, Chicago IL; Racial Identity Development and Implications for Multicultural Counseling Competency. Alesia Williams Richardson, Chicago State University, Chicago IL; Culturally competent crisis intervention. Jacqueline Conley, Chicago State University, Chicago IL; Multicultural Counseling Competency and Assessment Instruments. Grace Buchanan, Chicago State University, Chicago IL; Multicultural Training Competency in Forensic Settings. Paula M. Mitchell, Chicago State University, Chicago IL
Discussant: Karen McCurtis Witherspoon, Chicago State University, Chicago IL
Parents and Transitions in Adolescence and Early Adulthood
Chair: Richard A. Young, University of British Columbia, Canada
Presentations: Family and the Meaning of Work: Is There a Connection? Filomena Parada University of Porto Portugal and Joaquim Luis Coimbra University of Porto Portugal; The Transition to Adulthood: Illuminating and Describing Parents' Personal Challenges. Anat Zaidman-Zait University of British Columbia, Canada , Sheila K. Marshall University of British Columbia, Canada , Richard A. Young University of British Columbia, Canada , Corinne Logan University of British Columbia, Canada, & Celine C. S. Lee; University of British Columbia, Canada; Parents and Adolescents Constructing Career Trajectories in Uncertain Times. Carlos M. Gonzales, University of Porto, Portugal and Joaquim Luis Coimbra University of Porto, Portugal; Growing-up Joint Projects of Urban-residing Aboriginal Families in Canada. Sheila K. Marshall. University of British Columbia, Canada
Discussant: Natalee Popadiuk
5:00 PM - 5:50 PM         
Rurality and Diversity: Reciprocal Implications
Chair: James L. Werth, Jr., Radford University & Tom Mullis, Radford University
Presentations: Allies and Affective Distress in Rural GLB Adolescents. Tracy J. Cohn, Radford University; Valerie S. Leake Radford University; Rural Women and Mental Health. Sarah L. Hastings Radford University; Rural Community Resilience, Disasters, and Diversity. Robin S. Cox University of British Columbia, Canada
Discussant: How will Rural Counseling Psychologists Address Diversity Issues? E. Janie Pinterits, University of North Dakota
What Can Counseling Psychologists Do in Unjust Worlds?
Chair: Ma. Teresa Tuason, University of North Florida
Presentations: What happens to us? Families left behind by overseas workers.
Ma. Teresa Tuason, University of North Florida; The postseparation adjustment of middle class Filipino men: its relationship to separation status, sociodemographic and personality variables. Edelvina Sembrano-Relucio, Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines; Adolescent boys referred for psychotherapy: Examining emotional instability in light of parental identification. Washington C. Garcia, Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines; Becoming the “addict” of the family: Family dynamics and female-related issues in the family of the Filipino substance-using female. Maria Kathleen Bernadette Nisperos-Puente, Bunker Hill Community College at Massachusetts; The Streetsmart Streetchild: A Study on the Cognitive Abilities and Worldview of Street Children who were Sexually Abused, Substance Abusing and In Conflict with the Law. Ma. Louise P. Trivino, In Touch Community Services, Philippines
Discussant: Ma. Teresa Tuason, University of North Florida
Teaching Collaboratively About Racism’s Local, Global Reality
Chair: Chalmer E. Thompson, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Presentations: Cultivating Diversity and Equity Discourse among Pre-Service Teachers. John B. Okech Kyambogo University, Kampala, Uganda EAST AFRICA; Teaching Race and Peace to Ugandan University Lecturers. Chalmer E. Thompson Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis; Urban Youth, Loss, and Violence. Rev. Mmoja Ajabu, Light of the World Christian Church
Discussant: Dr. Khaula Murtadha, Dean, Indiana University School of Education, Indianapolis Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis
A Once and Future Psychologist: The Past, Present, and Future of Counseling Psychology
Chair: Nicolas F. Jenkins, Southern Illinois University
Presentations: Counselors in Training: Introducing the Past, Present, and Future Perspectives of Evidence Based Practice in Psychology. Abigail R. Gaffey, Southern Illinois University; Past Perspectives of Evidence Based Practice in Psychology. Nicholas F. Jenkins, Southern Illinois University; Current Perspectives of Evidence Based Practice in Psychology. Katy O’Regan, Rimstad Southern Illinois University; Future Perspectives of Evidence Based Practice in Psychology. Sheetal R. Shah, Southern Illinois University
Discussant: Dr. Kathleen Chwalisz, Southern Illinois University
Counseling Psychology in Colombia, Puerto Rico, Ecuador and China
Chair: S. Alvin Leung, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China
Presentations: Colombia Psychology. Edward A. Delgado-Romero, University of Georgia, Eduardo Delgado-Pollo Universidad Pedagógica Nacional, Colombia, Corey Smetana, Boston; Ruben Ardila, University of Georgia; The Practice of Psychotherapy in Puerto Rico. Luis A. Rivas, VA Caribbean Healthcare System, San Juan, Puerto Rico; Psychology in Ecuador. Maria Cristina Cruza-Guet, Lehigh University, Arnold R. Spokane, Lehigh University; The Future of Counseling in China: Indigenization and Internationalization.    S.Alvin Leung, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China, Zhi-Jin Hou, Beijing Normal University, China and Changming Duan, University of Missouri Kansas City
Experiences With Grief and Loss
Chair: Robyn Howarth, The University of Iowa
Presentations: Adjustment to Parental Death during Childhood. Robyn Howarth The University of Iowa; Using Supervision to Prevent Vicarious Trauma in Beginning Counselors. Katya Lamskova The University of Iowa; Mourning the Loss of a Loved One is Culturally Defined. Joleen Schoulte The University of Iowa
Discussant: Melba Vasquez, Anderson House at Heritage Square
International Perspectives on Supervision and Training
Chair: Nicholas Ladany, Lehigh University
Presentations: Professional Development Needs for Counselors in
International Schools.  Arpana G. Inman, Arlette Ngoubene, & Nicholas Ladany Lehigh University; Korean Counselors’ Experiences in SupervisionKeeyeon Bang Korea Digital University; Cybersupervision and Training: Tools, Ethics, & Future
Trends.  Arpana G. Inman & Nicholas Ladany Lehigh University
Meeting the Needs of International Students on College Campuses
Chair: Tanya I. Razzhavaikina, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Presentations: International Students’ Adjustment to the United States: Issues and Implications. Soumya Madabhushi, University of Nebraska – Lincoln; International Students Expectations of Multicultural Counseling. Autumn Backhaus, University of Nebraska – Lincoln; Reaching Out to International Students: Practical Suggestions for Counseling Work.  Tanya I. Razzhavaikina, and Oksana Yakushko, University of Nebraska – Lincoln
Discussant: Tanya I. Razzhavaikina, University of Nebraska – Lincoln
Connecting the Science and Practice of Psychology
Chair: Robert Lent University of Maryland
Presentation: Steven Breckler Executive Director, APA Science Directorate
Career Development Research in Hong Kong
Chair: Danny F. Lam Hong Kong Baptist University, China and S. Alvin Leung, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China
Presentations: Relation Between Career Exploration and Career Development Status in the Hong Kong context: Examining Social Cognitive Career Variables and Beyond. Raysen Cheung City University of Hong Kong, China; Career Decision-Making Self-Efficacy and Outcome Expectations of Secondary Students in Hong Kong. Yat-hung Chui, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China; Self-determination in Career Indecision of Hong Kong Students. Danny F. Lam Hong Kong Baptist University, China; Comparing Parental Expectations and Career Decision-Making Difficulties in Three Chinese Regions. S. Alvin Leung The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China, Zhi-jin Hou Normal University, China, Itamar Gati The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Discussant: Ella Po-on Chan, Hong Kong Baptist University, China
Next Steps Fair: Counseling Psychology Jobs, Postdoc positions, and Internships
Chair: Kelly Russo, Fielding Graduate University
Event: Organizations with jobs and postdoctoral positions to fill will have an opportunity to connect one-on-one with interested candidates. Internship sites will be able to promote their programs to prospective applicants in roundtable discussions organized by type of site. Don't miss this FREE opportunity to promote your organization and meet the next generation of counseling psychologists! Sponsored by the 2008 ICPC Student Subcommittee. An RSVP from job/postdoctoral/internship sites is requested but not required for participation in this event. Please email Prospective applicants, make sure you take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about possible job, post-doctoral, and internship sites first hand from their representatives!
Counseling Psychologists as State Association Leaders
Chair: Laura Palmer, Seton Hall University
Presentations: Armand Cerbone, Howard Brown Health Center; Bob McPherson, University of Houston; Michael Duffy, Texas A & M
Research Paper Presentations
Religious and Indigenous Practices in Counseling
Chair: Robbie J. Steward, Michigan State University
Presentations: Counselors’ Use of Spirituality to Bridge Culture Gaps. Marie Morrison University of British Columbia, Canada; Attachment Theory and Religiosity in Counseling. Duane Reinert Conception Seminary College, Carla Edwards Northwest Missouri State University; Integrating Traditional and Western Psychotherapies in Botswana. Sophy Moagi-Gulubane University of Botswana, Botswana, Mondy Segopolo University of Botswana, Botswana; Mindfulness and Indigenous Psychologies in Counseling Training. John Christopher Montana State University, Jennifer Chrisman Montana State University, Penny Dahlen Montana State University, Suzanne Christopher Montana State University


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