APA Site Visitors Workshop

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APA Site Visitors Accreditation Workshop

March 5th, 8:00am - 5:00pm

APA Site Visitors Needed - Become an APA Doctoral Site Visitor March 5, 2008, Full Day 8:00 am - 5:00 pm - Breakfast & Lunch provided

This workshop is a full-day training that includes both didactic and experiential exposure to the Guidelines and Principles of Accreditation and the role and functions of the site visitor. This workshop is open to new doctoral site visitors and experienced doctoral site visitors who would like updated training. 7.5 CE credits available (This program has been reviewed and approved by the APA Office of Continuing Education and the APA Continuing Education Committee. The APA Continuing Education Committee maintains responsibility for the content of the program. You must attend entire training to receive CE credits).

Accreditation Site Visitor Workshop
Nancy Elman, Ph.D.
Vice-Chair, APA Commission on Education
7.5 Hours
Learning objectives:
1. Use the Guidelines and Principles for Accreditation (G&P) to review program structure through application of Domains A-H. Specifically, participants will be able to: 
a. Explain how a program meets accreditation eligibility requirements. (Domain A)
b. Review and discuss a program specified philosophy of education and training. (Domain B)
c. Describe all resources available to the program. (Domain C)
d. Review and discuss how the program addresses cultural and individual differences and diversity. (Domain D)
e. Discuss the nature of student-faculty relations. (Domain E)
f. Review and discuss how the program ensures self-assessment and quality enhancement. (Domain F)
g. Discuss the quality and sufficiency of all public materials representing the program. (Domain G)
h. Discuss the programs relationship with the accrediting body. (Domain H)
2. Conduct interviews with training directors, department chairs, faculty and staff, interns and students, and agency administrators.
3. Review and assess the accuracy and completeness of the self-study report in terms of consistency with the G&P, and determine what additional information must be collected during the site visit to supplement program materials.
4. Write a site visit report according to the domain by domain format in the G&P.
5. Discuss potential critical incidents that may occur during a site visit.

For additional information about becoming a site visitor, please visit: http://www.apa.org/ed/accreditation/sitevisitinfo.html

There is no fee to attend this workshop.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Kristen Thompson at kthompson@apa.org or 202-336-5995. Please specify you would like to attend the APA Site Visitors workshop.

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