Poster Sessions - Tracks V - VIII

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Poster Sessions - Tracks V - VIII

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Noon – 12:50 PM

Poster Sessions V - Diversity and Multicultural
Bisexual Identity, Group Identity, and Well-Being. Erin Armoutliev, University of Akron; James Werth, Jr., Radford University
Sexual Identity Development & Well-being of Chinese Lesbians. Yan Li, Brian Johnson, University of Northern Colorado
Predictors of Alcohol Abuse among Lesbian and Gays. Huan-Hsiang Ueng, Sharon Horne, University of Memphis
Butch identity as a predictor of psychological well-being within masculine lesbians
Katherine Hiestand, Sharon Horne, Heidi Levitt, University of Memphis
Predicting relationship satisfaction among same-sex female dual earner couples. Jodi Boita, Rochester Institute of Technology; Kathleen Bieschke, Pennsylvania State University
Family Environment and Heterosexual Family Membership GLBT-Affirmative Attitudes.
Sharon Horne, University of Memphis; Sharon Scales Rostosky, Ellen Riggle, University of Kentucky; Jennifer Arm, Katherine Hiestand, University of Memphis
Heterosexual Voting and Legal Equality for Sexual Minorities. Rebekah White, Oklahoma State University; Teresa Bear, University of Wisconsin; Barbara Carlozzi, Oklahoma State University
Switching: The Narratives of Heterosexually Married Gay Men. Pan Chieh-Cheng, Meiho Institute of Technology, Taiwan
The Meaning of Intimacy For Gay Men. David Loran, University of British Columbia, Canada
Career-Related Experiences Of Transgender Individuals. Susan Kay Brauer,
Counseling Psychology in a Changing World: LGB Individuals’ Reactions to the 2006 Marriage-Ban Amendments. F. Nicholas Denton,
Trinidad’s Corporate Closet: Investigating Gay and Lesbian Identity in the Workplace
Cherisse Gill,
Living in Puritan America in 2007:The religious struggles of GLBT Christians in the US. Sallie Ann Boulos,
Social Support and Negative Affect Among Parents of LGB People. Jennifer Arm,
Same-Sex Intimate Partner Violence: Intervention and Program Development. Alysondra Duke,
Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity Differences In Indirect Aggression. Olivia Leeker,
Gender Identity Disorder and the DSM: Review of the current literature. Lore Dickey,         
Gender Role Implications on Same Sex Intimate Partner Abuse. Carrie Brown, Keisha Love, Kenneth Tyler, Patton Garriott, Clarissa Roan, University of Kentucky; Deneia Thomas, Eastern Kentucky University
Psychological Well-Being, Ethnic Identity, and Sociocultural Adaptation among College-Aged Missionary Kids. Michael Joseph Klemens, Seattle Pacific University
American Indian Women College Students' Perspectives on Work and Family. Jennie
Lyn Bingham, Aaron Jackson, Steven Smith, Brigham Young University
The impact of teacher-child relationship: A comparison of Latino and Caucasian students in the U.S. Rhonda Casillas, Arizona State University
Biculturalism among American Indian Graduate Students. Colton Miller,
Aaron Jackson, Steven Smith, Jennie Lyn Bingham, Brigham Young University
Ethnic identity and self-beliefs: Are they related to persistence decisions of undergraduates? Marybeth Rigali-Oiler, Sharon Robinson Kurpius, Sarah Dixon, Arizona State University
Exploring Social and Academic Barriers with Ethnic Minorities on a Predominantly White Campus. Lawrence Chatters, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Motivation: Exploring Patterns of Success in African American Students. Taisha Caldwell, Ezemenari Obasi, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale
Invariance of the Structure of Coping for African American and European American Persons with Cancer. Carolyn. Heitzmann, Thomas Merluzzi, University of Notre Dame
African Americans Making Meaning of HIV/AIDS. Heather Walton, Ruth Fassinger, University of Maryland-College Park
Collectivistic Forgiveness. Joshua Hook, Everett Worthington, Jr., Shawn Utsey, Virginia Commonwealth University
Psychometric Properties of the World Assumptions Scale. Matthew Kale, Patricia Frazier, Samantha Anders, University of Minnesota
Well-Being among Latina Adolescents. Lisa Edwards, Rebecca Mayor, Brittany Barber,
Marisa Green, Keyona Jarrett, Amy Kowalski, Shirley Newcomb, Marquette University
Attachment, Self-Construal and Depression Among Latinas/os. Patton Garriott, University of Missouri-Columbia ; Keisha Love, Kenneth Tyler, Carrie Brown,
University of Kentucky; Deneia Thomas, Eastern Kentucky University
Attachment, Racism, and Self-Esteem Among Whites. Patton Garriott, University of Missouri-Columbia; Keisha Love, Kenneth Tyler, Carrie Brown, University of Kentucky;
Deneia Thomas, Eastern Kentucky University
Asian value gap, parental bonding, & family conflict.  Sin-Wan Bianca Ho, University of Southern Mississippi; Yong Park, University of California-Santa Barbara
Context and Well-Being in Multiracial Individuals: Early Findings. Jennifer Teramoto Pedrotti, California Polytechnic State University; Lisa Edwards, Marquette University
Measurement and Structural Invariance of the Asian American Family Conflict Scale.
Matthew Miller, Li-Ling Lin, State University of New York at Albany; Richard Lee, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Latinos and Depression: Treatment in a Community Clinic. Gregory Benson, Azara Santiago-Rivera, Jonathan Kanter, William Reyes, Andrew Busch, Laura Covington Rusch, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Acculturation and Perceived Discrimination among U.S. Hispanics. Sherry Wang,
Ana Martinez, Oksana Yakushko, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Pediatricians' Immigrant Mental Health Referrals: A Chart Review. Casey Tallent, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Ashea Franques, Creighton University Medical Center-University of Nebraska Medical Center; Oksana Yakushko, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Santi Budiasih, Creighton University Medical Center-University of
Nebraska Medical Center; Cristina Fernandez, Creighton University Medical Center
Race-Based Discourse among Urban High School Youth. David Blustein, Boston College
Maureen Kenny, Kerri Murphy, Maryam Jernigan, Leyla Gualdron-Murhib, Maria Countinho, Christine Catraio, Margaret Connolly, Faedra Backus, Molly Sullivan,
Boston College
Psychological Factors and Nutrition Behaviors among African American Women. Jessica Jones, Carolyn Tucker, University of Florida
Career Counseling Issues for Persons living with HIV/AIDS. David Dahlbeck, Suzanne Lease, University of Memphis
Attachment Theory and Intimate Partner Violence in Latino Population.
Franco Dispenza, Douglas Ribeiro, Melinda Paige, Laurel Watson, Nick White,
Georgia State University
Race Differences in Perceptions of the Prototypical Racist. Wendy Hitsett, Stacey Williams, Michaela Bucchianeri, Alexandra Corning, University of Notre Dame
An Acculturation Scale for Asian International Students: Development and Validation.
Shiou-Feng Gu, Carole Pistole, Purdue University
White Racial Identity: Profiles, Factors, & Psychological CorrelatesKwong-Liem Karl Kwan, Purdue University; Michael Mobley, University of Missouri-Columbia
1:00 PM -1:50 PM          
Poster Sessions VI - Diversity and Multicultural
Possibilities for Peace: Enhancing Cross Cultural Transformative Mediation. Natasha Ali, Michael Waldo, New Mexico State University
Ethnic and Racial Identity Development among Mainland Chinese Populations in the US: An Oral Narrative Approach. Thomandra Sam, Linxiang Zhu, Auburn University
Internalized Racial Oppression as a Predictor of Psychological Distress, Self-Esteem, and Life Satisfaction. Tamba-Kuii Masai Bailey, Y. Barry Chung, Georgia State University
Self Medication among Hispanic Outpatient Substance Abusing Adolescents with PTSD. Laura Elizabeth Chapman, Deborah Wiese, Whitman College; Nancy Wu, UCLA Semel Institute Center for Community Health
Effect of similarity manipulation on Latino attitudes toward prison reform. Yessenia Manzo, Deborah Wiese, Whitman College
Parental Attachment, Family Communalism, Racial Identity, and Self-Esteem Among Black College Students. Carrie Brown, Keisha Love, Kenneth Tyler, Patton Garriott,
Clarissa Roan, University of Kentucky; Deneia Thomas, Eastern Kentucky University
Understanding Acculturation: Experiences of Male Arab Muslim Immigrants Living in the United States of America. Nancy Hammoudah, Western Michigan University
High-Risk African American Adolescents: A Review of Current Issues and Treatments. Heather Wood, Ball State University
African American Women's Feelings of Exclusion in a Predominantly White Feminist Classroom. Kathryn Swope, Karyn Boatwright, Kalamazoo College
Help-Seeking of Asian-American Students. Nicole Ruzek, Dao Nguyen, David Herzog, Craig Muir, Genevieve Crean, California State Polytechnic University-Pomona
Keeping it Black and White. Kristin Gillen, Kenlana Burton, Victoria Cane, Bianca Fetherson, Jody Tomko, Western Michigan University
Development of the Distance from Privilege Measure. Barbara Kerr, Karen Multon,
Maggie Syme, Nancy Fry, University of Kansas; Marie Hammond, Tennessee State University
Religious Perspectives on the Mental Health and Well Being of Latino Immigrants
Jeffrey Reznicek, Oksana Yakushko, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Cultural Conceptualization: Challenges in Counseling Sexual Abuse Survivors. Pei-Yi Lin, University of Kentucky; Nien-Hwa Lai, National Taipei University of Education, Taiwan; Rory Remer, University of Kentucky
Model of Socio-Emotional Needs of Latino Immigrant Adolescents. Christiane Blanco-Oilar, University of Oregon
Cultural Sensitivity in Healthcare: Implications for Counseling Psychology. Katherine Daly, Carolyn Tucker, Jessica Jones, University of Florida
Ten Years of Latina/o Research: A Content Analysis of the Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences (1996-2006). Alejandro Morales, University of Nebraska-Lincoln;
Lizette Ojeda, University of Missouri-Columbia
Aftermath of September 11: A Muslim Woman’s Perspective. Jaleel Abdul Adeel,
Ummul Baneen Kazmi, University of Illinois
Holocaust Survivors: A Study in Resilience and Recovery. Christine Benitez Cardenas,
Elizabeth Schall, Todd Savage, Eve Adams, New Mexico State University
Cultural Identity and Academic Achievement among Native American College Students. Aaron Jackson, Steven Smith, Brigham Young University; Brian Perry, San Juan College; Caleb Bush, University of New Mexico-Gallup; Jeffrey Elder, Brigham Young University
Latina/o College Student Resilience. Veronica Orozco, University of Michigan
Factor structure and validity evidence of the MCSE-RD. Hung-Bin Sheu, Arizona State University; Robert Lent, University of Maryland; Marybeth Rigali-Oiler, Dana Weber,
Arizona State University
Using Flexible Treatment Manuals for Culturally Relevant Intervention. Katherine Chwalisz, Stephanie Clancy Dollinger, Kayla Hand, Erin Zerth, Chuck Hees,
Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Convergence between Scores on the Index of Race-Related Stress. Nicole Fischer, Benita Belvet, Joshua Hook, Shawn Utsey, Virginia Commonwealth University
Heart Rate Variability, Trauma Symptom Expression, and Psychological Distress in African Americans. Benita Belvet, Nicole Fischer, Pia Stanard, Joshua Hook, Shawn Utsey, Virginia Commonwealth University
Maternal Lifetime Substance Abuse Disorder and Childhood Outcomes in American Indians. Anitra Mallory, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Acculturative Stress, Racism-Related Stress, and Ethnic Identity. Matthew Miller, Jung Eun Kim, Minsun Lee, Ji Eun Lee, Jerome Farrell, State University of New York-Albany
Latino Immigrant Family Men Adjustment to the U.S. Emmanuel Mercedes, Pamela Foley, Seton Hall University
African Centered Worldview as a Predictor of High Self Esteem. Bedford Frank Palmer II, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Culture and Help-Seeking. Hsin-Ya Liao, Yung-Jui Yang, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign; Kwan-Kuo Hwang, National Taiwan University; James Rounds, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Tribal Attachment Among American Indian People. Carrie Winterowd, Diane Montgomery, Glenna Stumblingbear, Desi Harless, Kaycie Hicks, Krysta Webster,
Oklahoma State University
But we never beat them: This wouldn’t happen in our country. Gella Richards, London Metropolitan University, Great Britain
Early learning differences in the context of language background. Esther Care, Amanda Thomas, Masa Pavlovic, University of Melbourne, Australia
The Black Community Defined. Nyasha Grayman, University of Delaware
Features of anxiety, depression in older Latinos. Daniel Singley, Julie Wetherell,
University of California-San Diego
Influence of Prejudice on Interpersonal Evaluations. Michael Dudley, Southern Illinois University- Edwardsville
Development & Occupational Attainment among Poor Youth of Color. Matthew Diemer, Michigan State University
Land of Gullah Tales. Fayth Parks, Georgia Southern University
Cultural Validity of the CSRLI with Asian Americans. Jayoung Choi, Middle Tennessee State University; James Rogers, University of Akron
Enhancing Self-Disclosure among Asian Americans in Group and Individual Therapy. Young Hoang, Ivory Toldson, Howard University
Perceptions of Counselor Characteristics: Ethnicity, Acculturation and Gender. Huan-Chung Scott Liu, Lawrence Schneider, University of Iowa
Predictors of Asian American college students' suicide ideation. Y. Joel Wong, Alison Schwing, Indiana University; Chris Brownson, University of Texas-Austin
Great Commonwealth: Counseling psychology in Taiwan and US. Hung Chiao,
University of Missouri-Columbia
Ethnicity, Coping and Help-Seeking. Sadamura Nana, Monsour Counseling & Psychological Services, Claremont University Consortium; Christina Sun,
University of Massachusetts
Mental Health Needs of Immigrant and Refugee Children. Casey Tallent, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Ashlea Franques, Creighton Medical Center, University of Nebraska Medical Center; Oksana Yakushko, University of Nebraksa-Lincoln
“Only Allah Can Heal”: A Cultural Formulation of the Psychological, Religious, and Cultural Experiences of a Somali MaleMichael Starkey, Hyun-Kyung Lee, Chia-Chen Tu, Jason Netland, Michael Goh, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities; David McGraw, Schuchman, Ahmed Yousef, Schuchman Community-University Health Care Center, Minneapolis
2:00 PM – 2:50 PM
Poster Sessions VII - Personality and Mental Health
Attachment in Long Distance Romantic Relationships: A Qualitative Study of Security, Intimacy, and Jealousy. Brian Wassil, Ma. Teresa Tuason, University of North Florida
Students' Sadness Regulation Modes, Parents' Reactions, and Students' Interpersonal Capacity for Intimacy. Sili Zhou, Beijing Normal University, China
College students’ marital attitudes and readiness: Attachment and religiousness.
Jonathan Mosko, Purdue University
College students’ relationship language: Meanings of closeness and attachment.
Noelle Therese Dilly, Purdue University
Reporting of traumatic experiences among college students. Abby Myers,
Georgia State University
Buffering the Effects of Stress on Subjective Well-being in Urban Adolescents: Humor and Venting as Coping Mechanisms. Kimberly Bena, Elizabeth Vera, Laura Dick,
Lydia Wiede, Christopher Merle, Rebecca Corona, Selena Tramayne, Sha'kema Blackmon, Kristen Lamp, John Steele, Ashley Mitchell, Katie Jorgenson, Kenia Gomez,
B. Isabel Moallem, Paula Luginbuhl, Ryan Williams, Loyola University Chicago
Effect of Stress on Emotions and Craving in Addicted Homeless Men: A Pilot Study.
Marc Silva, Walter Drymalski, Dana Mair, Julie Janecek, Marquette University
Spirituality as a Predictor of Quality of Life in Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease.
David Colarossi, Cyndy McRae, University of Denver
Psychological Variables and Chronic Pain among Outpatient Assessment Clients. 
Shelda Iverson-Borders, Stephen Cook, Texas Tech University; Patrick Randolph, Private Practice, Lubbock, TX
Perceived Emotional Intelligence and Health. Kyle Page, Sue Jacobs, Claudia Porras,
Michele Pettit, Oklahoma State University
Further validation of a new measure of perceived control over stressful events. Nora Keenan, Patricia Frazier, Sulani Perera, Samantha Anders, Sandra Shallcross, Mary Krogmann, University of Minnesota
Understanding Healthy Adoptive Family Functioning: Adoption Disclosure. Maria Wydra, University of Maryland-College Park; Jonathan Mattanah, Towson University; Karen O’Brien, University of Maryland-College Park
Personality Predictors of Psychological Virtues. Christopher Modica, Ball State University
Correlates of Perceived Responses to Capitalization Attempts. Sandra Shallcross,
Jenna Bemis, Patricia Frazier, Jeffry Simpson, University of Minnesota
Undergraduate stress and reasons for living: An exploratory study. David Ayodele Alabi, Jessica Roberts, Rheeda Walker, Southern Illinois University
The Impact of Attachment on Career: A Proposed Theoretical Framework to Guide Future Research. Stephen Wright, Kristin Perrone, Ball State University
Perceived and Actual Levels of Rape Myth Acceptance. Caroline Johanson, Texas Women’s University
Self-Serving Bias in Cheating. Ashley Heintzelman, Nancy Murdock, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Ability Self-Estimates and Self-Efficacy. Shawn Bubany, Jo-Ida Hansen, University of Minnesota
Gossip and Place Attachment among International Student Community. Ji-yeon Lee, M. Carole Pistole, Purdue University
Influence of Abused Experience on Marital Satisfaction. Kevin Deokil Kim, Yon Sei University, South Korea
Conflict Management Style Inventory. Patrick Triggiano, Mary Lee Nelson, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Emotion Expression Tendencies. Leah Barr, Peoria, IL; Jeffrey Kahn,  W. Joel Schneider, Illinois State University
Attachment and career indecision. Haley Downing, University of Akron; Margaret Nauta, Illinois State University
Protective Behaviors, Depression, and Alcohol-Related Problems. Matthew Martens,
Suzanne Hatchett, Mike Karakashian, Kristie Fleming, Roneferiti Flower, University of Memphis
Mechanisms of Mindfulness. Laura Sherr, Patricia Frazier, Cynthia Gross, Mary Jo Kreitzer, University of Minnesota
Who are the Cyberbullies and Cybervictims? Nancy Cunningham, Nancy DeLaney,
University of Louisville; Thomas Robbins, Archdiocese of Louisville
Implicit Cognitions Associated with Alcohol and Violent Behaviors. Ezemenari Obasi, Jennifer Mrnak, Christian Bryant, Valerie Henderson, Krystelle Jean-Michel, Southern Illinois University
Adult Attachment & Romantic Relationship Quality. Jessica Lambert, Myrna Friedlander, State University of New York-Albany
Risk and Protective Factors Influencing Trends in Cohabitation. Teri Madura, Susan Troutner, Amanda Smith, Jesse Owen, Gannon University
Subjective Well-being in Urban Adolescents: Interpersonal, Individual, Community Influences. Melissa Morgan, University of California-Santa Barbara; Elizabeth Vera,
Loyola University Chicago; Charu Thakral, University of Illinois-Chicago; Rufus Gonzales, DePaul University
Predictors of Life Satisfaction in Urban Youth. Charu Thakral, University of Illinois-Chicago; Elizabeth Vera, Loyola University Chicago; Sam Catanzaro, Illinois State University; Steve Miller, California State University-Fullerton; Melissa Morgan, University of California-Santa Barbara
Parenting Style and Adolescent Delinquency. Quinn Werner, University of New Orleans
Attachment, Dependency, Self-Criticism, and Depression. Amy Cantazaro, Meifen Wei, Iowa State University
A Measurement of Adolescent Belongingness. Christopher Slaten, Ricardo Thomas,
Thomas Baskin, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Depression and help-seeking behavior of rural farm women. Sue Jacobs, Oklahoma State University; Wanda McSparron, Concordia College; Merly Paul, Krysta Lynette Webster, Oklahoma State University
The mediating effects of stigma, self-concealment, self-disclosure, and help-seeking behaviors. Sung-Kyung Yoo, Ewha Woman’s University, Korea, Claremont McKenna College; Jee-Young Yoon, Ewha Woman’s University, Korea
The Study of Social Anxiety and Attachment Styles. Aynur Eren Gumus, Melisa Sumer, Maltepe University, Turkey
The relationship of Parental support, discipline and family activities to behaviors of sixth grade children. Hye Jeong Cho, Chongshin University, Korea
Adjustment of people with acquired disability. Evelyn Andolo, Joytown Special School, Kenya
Measurement of Decisional and Emotional Forgiveness. Joshua Hook, Everett Worthington, Jr., Shawn Utsey, Virginia Commonwealth University
Rebounding from Learned Helplessness. Yong Kim, University of Central Arkansas
Do emotional processing and expression benefit our health?  Kuo-Yi Chung, Arizona State University
Meaning-making coping and Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Erica Adams, Michael Steger, University of Louisville
Attachment & PTSD: A Connection for Juvenile Offenders? Heather Dukes, Erin Schwartz, Georgia Calhoun, Brian Glaser,University of Georgia
Perfectionism and Personality Styles. Jennifer Stuart, Kenneth Rice, University of Florida
Research on Parents' Impact on College Drinking Behaviors. Debra Ainbinder, Robert Riedel, Danielle Bissett, Jessica Bendjebar, Natalie Quesada, Lynn University
Changes in Self-Esteem after Early Entrance to College. Samuel Shepard, Alissa Doobay, Jan Warren, Megan Foley Nicpon, University of Iowa
3:00 PM – 3:50 PM
Poster Sessions VIII - Prevention and Intervention
Towards Reducing Criminal Behavior: Using the MOTS-R to Evaluate the Dynamic Nature of Criminal Thinking. Jon Mandracchia, Marshall Bewley, Danielle Murray,
Robert Dean Morgan, Texas Tech University
Pre and Post Trauma Risk and Protective Factors for Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms: A Prospective Investigation. Margaret Gavian, Patricia Frazier, University of Minnesota;
The Prospective Trauma Study Team
Video-Film as a Medium in End-of-Life Counseling. Shih-Ming Shih, University of Denver
After-School is Prevention: Parallels Between Best Practices in After-School Programs and Prevention . Rose Lucey, Noah Adrians, Marquette University
Beyond presenting problems: What do university counseling center clients work on in counseling? Elizabeth Prommel, University of Utah
Accommodating cognitive disabilities in Psychotherapy. Sarah Patz, Merith Cosden, University of California-Santa Barbara
Practitioner practices in treating bullying and relational aggression targets. Heather Bonnett, Kimberly Mason, Elizabeth Reynolds Welfel, Cleveland State University
The Utility of Animal-Assisted Therapy for Counseling Psychology: Research and Clinical Practice. Melissa Trevathan, University of Houston
Forgiveness and Faith as Shields of Protection for Soliders in Combat. Donna Bailey,
Nathaniel Wade, Iowa State University; Richard Schobitz, U.S. Army; Julia Maier, Iowa State University
Health Knowledge and Obesity Prevention Programs. Deirdre Brogan, Kara Harrington,
Lynn Walsh, Maureen Kenny, Boston College
Using Prevention Science to Promote Children's Mental Health. Rohini Puri, Geetika Agarwal, Wendy Reinke, Keith Herman, University of Missouri - Columbia
Asian international students’ openness to counseling, examining perceived English fluency and acculturation level. Megumi Omonishi, Phillip Gagne, Georgia State University
HIV/AIDS mental health counseling. Mark Kilwein, Clarion University of Pennsylvania
Career Counseling with Adjudicated Youths. Robert Quinby, Walter Campbell, Robert Carnicella, Indiana University
How Professional Psychologists Use Science in Practice. Jeffrey Wallis, Jeffrey Kahn,
Jana Curran, Claire Delahunt, Illinois State University; Shannon Dixon, Marquette University
Help-Seeking in Career Counseling. Annamaria DiFabio, University of Florence, Italy;
Jean Luc Bernaud, University of Rouen, France
Clients’ Presenting Issues. Ingrid Weigold, Texas Tech University; Lisa Mancuso,
University of Houston
Self-efficacy and Self-Care-Buffering secondary Trauma during HIV/AIDs Outreach. Maryanne Williams, Michael Reese Hospital; Anita McGruder-Johnson, Allied Associates in HIV Essentials
Addressing internal processes in counseling using the self-confrontation procedure.
Elisabeth van Assum, Carla Haber, Carey Penner, Sheila Marshall, Richard Young,
University of British Columbia, Canada
Bilingual/Multilingual issues in Psychotherapy. Basilia (Lia) Softas- Nall,
Kevin Heaton, University of Northern Colorado
Factors Hindering the Development of the Counseling Alliance. Robinder Bedi, University of Victoria, Canada; Jose Domene, Trinity Western University, Canada
A test of the three-dimension counseling depth model. GuangRong Jiang, Zhu Xu,
Hu Shujing, Central China Normal University, China; Changming Duan, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Longitudinal outcomes of a strengths-based vocational intervention. Briana Keller, University of Washington
Promoting college attendance in at-risk high school seniors. Tom Krieshok, Selby Conrad, University of Kansas
Clients Experiences of Metaphors in Taiwan. Shih-Chun Huang, MingDao University, Taiwan; Chia-Chi (Alicia) Hu, Purdue University
Aloha! Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Implementation in Hawaii. Clare Rountree, CARE Hawaii, Inc.
Suppression Mediates the Relation Between Distress and Disclosure. Jeffrey Kahn, Angela Marotta, Illinois State University
Cultural Considerations in Career Exploration Interventions. Rachel Pickett, Paul Gore, Jr., University of Utah; Jane Swanson, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Video education for reduction of prejudice towards schizophrenia. Takehiko Ito, Wako University, Japan; Tomoe Kodaira, Seirei Christopher University, Japan
Implications for Working with Grieving Children and Adolescents. Megan Lytle, Seton Hall University
The Counseling Counselors’ Perception And Decision to The Confidentiality Issues at Hospitals/Clinics in Taiwan. Ya Ting Juang, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan
Model of Sexual Assault Prevention with Diverse Youth. D. Brian Smothers, Wisconsin School of Professional Psychology; Melissa Kraemer Smothers, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Patient-Centered Primary Care: Patient and Physician Perceptions. Jennifer Sand, Sharon Robinson Kurpius, Arizona State University
Suicide Prevention with College Students: A Collaborative Approach. Daniel Schulte,
Karen Moses, Marielle Rasmussen, Joana Pabedinskas, Arizona State University
Counseling Families in a Changing World. Kimberly Jorgensen, University of North Dakota; Loren Toussaint, Luther College
PTSD and Associated Cognitive Difficulties: Counseling Psychologists' Role.
Jovan Hernandez, Ren Stinson, Augustana University
Assessing Needs: The Importance of Parent Perceptions. Kristin Weineke, Mary Walsh,
Jillian DePaul, Boston College
Counseling Outcomes: Linking Mental Health and Academic Achievement. Christopher Slaten, Carrie Sorenson, Jaquaye Glover, Thomas Baskin, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) in Couples. Vered Hankin, Hines Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Somali Refugee Multicultural Case Conceptualization. Jeff Walter, Ju-Ping Huang, Aimee Arikian, Chris Bedford, Kyu Jin Yon, University of Minnesota
Androgyny Concept in Counseling and Psychotherapy. Gan Chun Hong, Kyushu University, Japan
Counseling Interventions as Prevention of Workplace Bullying. Abha Singh, Komal Verma, Amity University, India
Family Counseling Model. Anita Puri Singh, Pushpa Tyagi, Girls PG College, India
The relationship between a counselor’s value system and the process of counseling. Mareyket Tairas, Airlangga University, Indonesia
Perspectives on Working with Sexual Assault Survivors. Sarah Ullman, University of Illinois-Chicago
Mindfulness, Metaphor & Psychotherapy: A New Group Format. Monica Cowart, Merrimack College
Retention of "At Risk" College Students. Shannon Chavez Korell, University of Wisconsin-Madison
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