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Saturday, March 8, 2008
Noon – 12:50 PM
Poster Sessions V - Diversity and Multicultural
1:00 PM -1:50 PM          
Poster Sessions VI - Diversity and Multicultural
Professional and Practice Issues Roundtables
Roundtable One
International Counseling Journals: Publication Practices and Opportunities.
Lawrence Gerstein (Chair), Ball State University; Stefania Atgisdattir, Ball State University; Walter Lonner, Western Washington University; Paul Wilkins, Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom; Arthur Horne, The University of Georgia; Kwong-Liem Kwan, University of Missouri 
Roundtable Two
Cyberbullying: The Changing Face of Aggression in Schools. Danielle M. Law, The University of British Columbia, Canada; Josephina F. Domene, Trinity Western University, Canada
Roundtable Three
Vocational Psychologists Responding to a Changing World.  Briana K Keller, University of Washington; Paul A Gore, University of Utah
Roundtable Four
Promoting Psychology in Africa: Lessons from the Field.  Rex Stockton, Indiana University; Amy Nitza, Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne; Keith Morran, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
Roundtable Five
Using Help-Seeking Research to Inform Counseling Practices. Timothy E. Rogers, The University of Akron; Anthony Isacco, Loyola University of Chicago
Roundtable Six
Animal/Human Interaction: Contemporary Issues in Practice. Camille DeBell, Oklahoma State University; Aubrey H. Fine, Cal Poly University; Karen D. Shaefer, New Mexico State University; Kimberly A. Hays, Illinois State University; Melissa E. Trevathan, University of Houston
Roundtable Seven
Find Out More About SCP Special Interest Groups. Stephen W. Cook, Texas Tech University; Anne R. Farrar-Anton, Hackensack University Medical Center; Deborah L. Wiese, Whitman College; Tammi Vacha-Haase, Colorado State University; Sally M. Hage, University at Albany, SUNY; Paul E. Priester, Carinal Stritch University; Lewis Z. Schlosser, Seton Hall University
Roundtable Eight
International Counseling Psychology Faculty in the United States. Kwong-Liem Karl Kwan, University of Missouri-Columbia; Georgios K. Lampropoulos, Florida State University; Ayse Atiftasi, Purdue University; Oksana Yakushko, University of Nebraska; Yu-Wei Wang, Southern Illinois University; Meifen Wei, Iowa State University
Roundtable Nine
Qualitative Researchers as Scientists-Practitioners and Social Change Agents. Yu-Wei Wang, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale; Susan L. Morrow, University of Utah
Roundtable Ten
Counseling African American Women from a Multicultural-Feminist Perspective. Telsie A. Davis, Georgia State University; Lydia Canty, Georgia State University; Natasha Garderner, Georgia State University
1:00 PM – 1:50 PM
The Inside Scoop: Hear About the Internship Process Straight from Recent Interns
Chair: Julie Koch, University of Minnesota
Presentations: Chris Bader, University of North Texas; Seong-In Choi, Ball State University; Yan Li, University of North Colorado; Amina Mahmood, University of Iowa;
Charlotte McCloskey, University of Missouri-Columbia; Anissa Moody, Tennessee State University
Racial Microaggressions in Everyday Life: Psychological and Social Costs
Chair: Suzette Speight, Loyola University Chicago
Presentations: Madonna Constantine, Teachers College, Columbia University; Derald Wing Sue, Teachers College, Columbia University
Stress Disorders and Readjustment Problems Among Veterans Returning from Iraj/Afghanistan
Chair: Sharon Wills, Texas A & M University School of Medicine
Internalized Heterosexism: Current Knowledge and Future Directions
Chair: Dawn M. Szymanski, University of Tennessee
Presentations: Internalized Heterosexism: A Historical and Theoretical Overview. Dawn M. Szymanski, University of Tennessee; Internalized Heterosexism: Psychosocial Correlates and Research Directions. Dawn M. Szymanski University of Tennessee, Susan Kashubeck-West University of Missouri, Jill Meyer University of Missouri; Internalized Heterosexism: Clinical Implications and Training Considerations. Susan Kashubeck-West, University of Missouri 
Discussant: Kathleen J.Bieschke, Pennsylvania State University
Self-Care for Graduate Students and Early Career Psychologists
Chairs: Oksana Yakushko University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Jacquelyn Smith Marquette University
Presentations: Incorporating Mindfulness and Meditation in Personal and Professional Life. Kathryn Northworthy Rollins College; Spirituality as Self-care for Counseling Psychologists. Mary Fukuyama, University of Florida; How a Counseling Psychologist Became a Potter: Self-care Through Creativity. Puncky Heppner, University of Missouri-Columbia
Training Experiences of Ethnic Minority and International Students
Chair: Nadia T. Hasan, The University of Akron and Louise A. Douce, The Ohio State University
Presentations:Difficult Dialogues Between Ethnic Minority Students and Trainers: The Rhode to Recovery. Nadia T. Hasan, The University of Akron; Training Issues from the Trainer's Perspective. Louise A. Douce, The Ohio State University; Training Issues from an International Counseling Student’s Perspective. Yuhong He, University of Missouri-Columbia
Discussant: Edward A. Delgado-Romero, University of Georgia
Strategies for Effective Ethics Education in Counseling Psychology
Chair: Elizabeth Reynolds Welfel, Cleveland State UniversityPresentations: Enhancing Ethical Practice Through Action. Beth E. Haverkamp, University of British Columbia, Canada; Effective Ethics Education: Beyond Exhortations to Do Good.  Elizabeth Reynolds Welfel, Cleveland State University; Teaching Ethics: Intensive Reading, Writing, and Experiential Activities. James L.Werth, Jr., Radford University
Integrating Trauma Counselling in a Global Context
Chair: Marvin Westwood University of British Columbia, Canada
Presentations: An Examination of Two International Crisis Response Events:
Working with the Children of the Disappeared in Chile and Trauma
Among CHF Workers in Guyaan. Marvin Westwood,University of British Columbia, Canada and  Marla Buchanan University of British Columbia, Canada; The Experience of Columbian Child Soldiers From a Resilience Perspective. Liliana Cortez , University ofBritish Columbia, Canada; The Psychological Impact of Operation Iraqi Freedom on
Children in Iraq. Kasim Al-Mashat, University ofBritish Columbia, Canada
Defining and Measuring Competence: An Update on the Competency Benchmarks Document and its Relevance for Counseling Psychology
Chair: Catherine Grus, American Psychological Association
Presentations: Nadya Fouad, University of Wisconsin; Linda Campbell, University of Georgia; Ralph Ted Packard, University of Utah
1:00 PM – 2:50 PM
Globalization and Indigenization of Counseling Psychology Around the World
Chairs: Changming Duan, University of Missouri-Kansas City; Ping-Hwa Chen, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan; Arlette Joëlle Ngoubene Atioky, Lehigh University
Presentations: Asia/Asia American, Sharon Robinson Kurpius, Arizona State University;
Deborah A. Gerrity, American University of Antigua, West Indies; Kwong-Liem Karl Kwan, University of Missouri; Asia, Ella Chan, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong, Yu-Wei Wang, Southern Illinois University; Hongying Chen, Ball State University; Canada, Lynn Miller, The University of British Columbia, Canada; Europe, Stef Ægisdóttir, Ball State University; Maria Malikiosi-Loizos, University of Athens, Greece; Middle East, Deniz Canel Cinarbas, University of Alberta, Canada; Danah Barazanji, University of Missouri-Kansas City; Africa/South Africa, Fiona Vajk, Princeton University; Artlette Joëlle Ngoubene Atioky, Lehigh University; South America, Susana Verdinelli, Argentina; North American, David Shen Miller, University of Oregon; Heather Wood, Ball State University
Successful Strategies for Specialized International Student Groups
Chair: Chun-Chung Choi, University of Florida
Presentations: Beyond Language? Asian International Student Support Groups. Chun-Chung Choi and Yu-Ping Huang, University of Florida; Exercising Different Roles of Being a Facilitator for International Students Groups. Shu-Ping Lin, Gouverneur Hospital, New York City Health and Hospital Coporation; Chanda C. Corbett, Loyola College in Maryland; Creative Ways for Facilitating International Students’ Support Groups. Pius Nyutu, University of Texas at Austin; Yi-Jiun Lin, University of Missouri-Columbia; Establishing International Student Support Groups on University Campuses. Lisa Ferdinand, University of Florida
Discussant: Paul B Pedersen, Syracuse University and University of Hawaii
Promoting Multicultural Competence across Professional Contexts
Chair: Kevin T. Henze Edith N. Rogers VAMC, and Yuki Okubo University of Wisconsin-Madison
Presentations: Incorporating Multicultural Counseling Competencies into the Early Phase of Counselor Training. Yuki Okubo University of Wisconsin-Madison; Training Young Investors in Multicultural Research. Carmen R. Valdez University of Wisconsin-Madison; Diversity Dialogues: Alternative Approach to Multicultural Training. Stephen M. Quintana University of Wisconsin-Madison; Serving All Who Serve: How Counseling Psychologists in Multi-disciplinary Collaboration can Promote Culturally Equitable and Sensitive Services Promotion (CESSP) in the Veterans Health Administration (VHA). Kevin T. Henze, Edith N. Rogers, VAMC
2:00 PM – 2:50 PM
Poster Sessions VII - Personality and Mental Health
How to Publish from Start to Finish
Chairs: Nadia T. Hasan, The University of Akron; Guler Boyraz, The University of Memphis; Chris Robitschek, Texas Tech University
Presentations: Nadya A. Fouad, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Brent Mallinckrodt, University of Tennessee; David S. Shen Miller, University of Oregon;
Bonnie Moradi, University of Florida
Diversifying the Practice of Counseling Psychologists: Entrepreneurial and Creative Responses to National Practice Trends
Chair: Bob McPherson, University of Houston
A Theoretical Model of Stress and Coping Among Immigrants and Refugees
Chair: Arpana Inman, Lehigh University
Presentations: Arpana Inman, Lehigh University; Oksana Yakushko, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
International Perspectives in Counseling Psychology: Turkey, Pakistan, and U.A.E.
Chair: Kathryn L. Norsworthy, Rollins College, Florida, USA
Presentations: Counseling in Turkey. Deniz Canel Cinarbas, University of Alberta-Edmonton; Canada; Ayse Ciftci, Purdue University, Indiana; Fidan Korkut Owen, Hacettepe University, Turkey; Counseling in Pakistan. Kausar Suhail, GC University, Pakistan; M. Asir Ajmal, GC University, Pakistan; Counseling in the United Arab Emirates. Mohammed A. Sayed, UBD-Institute of Medicine, Kansas, USA; Fatima Al-Darmaki, United Arab Emirates University, U.A.E
Advances in the Study of Prevention: What We Have Learned, What We Still Need to Learn
Chair: Arthur (Andy) Horne, University of Georgia
Presentations: What We Know and Need to Know in Prevention: Stimulating a Discussion. Robert Conyne, University of Cincinnati; Going for the Goals: Developing Programs for Adolescents. Steven Danish, Virginia Commonwealth University; Prevention in Schools. Dorothy Espelage, University of Illinois; Connecting Families and Schools for Better Prevention in non-U.S. National Contexts. Benedict McWhirter, University of Oregon
Different Faces of Counseling Psychology across Four Countries
Chair: Puncky Paul Heppner, University of Missouri-Columbia
Presentations: Counseling Psychology in Korea: Status and Future Directions. Changdai Kim Seoul National University, Korea, Dong Min Kim Chung-Ang University, Korea, Young Seok Seo Chung-Ang University, Seoul, Korea; Status of Counseling in Kyrgyzstan. Sharon Horne, University of Memphis, Elena Sergeevna Molchanova, American University of Central Asia, Kyrgyztan; An Overview of Counseling in France. Valerie Cohen-Scali Conservatorie National des Arts et Metiers, France, Jean Guichard Conservatorie National des Arts et Metiers, France; Career Counseling in Italy. Salvatore Soresi University of Padova, Italy, Laura Nota University of Padova, Italy
Keeping up with a Changing World: Applying Technology to Counseling
Chair: Kimberly Jorgensen, University of North Dakota
Presentations: Ethical Implications of E-Therapy. Elizabeth Welfel, Cleveland State University; Rural Telehealth. Kathleen Chwalisz, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale; Counseling Couples and Families Online. Holly Gage, Cleveland State University; Telephone-based Interventions and Online Methods. D. Jason Stalides, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale
Best Practices in Communication between Academic and Internship Training Directors Regarding Students’ Progress and Performance
Chairs: Sherry Benton, University of Florida; Carrie Winterowd, Oklahoma State University
Presentations: John Westefeld, University of Iowa; James Campbell, Indiana State University; Kathlyn Dailey, Texas State University; Stacey Pearson, University of Michigan; Carrie Winterowd, Oklahoma State University
Research Paper Presentations
Multicultural Training
Chair: Helen Neville, University of Illinois
Presentations: Multicultural Counseling Competencies: Views from Those Who Do. Nancy Arthur University of Calgary, Canada; Multicultural Training in Clinical and Counseling Programs. Adam Kepka Southern Illinois University; Sensitivity-Training and Korean Trainees Locus of Evaluation. Steven C-H Yoo, Samsung Leadership Development Center. Dong Su Yoo, CEO; Korean Business Consulting & Han Counseling Association, Korea. Dong-gwi Lee, Ph.D, Yonsei University, Korea; Addressing Spiritual and Religious Diversity in Multicultural Training. Young Soon Kim, Ph.D, Youth Counseling Center Korea,  Crook Lyon Bringham Young University, Kari A. O'Grady Brigham Young Unviersity, Timothy B. Smith Brigham Young University, Dallas R. Jensen Brigham Young University, Thomas Golightly Texas Tech University
Prevention and Interventions
Chair: Stewart Cooper
Presentations: Hmong Youth Delinquency and Counseling/Prevention Implications. Ju-Ping Huang University of Minnesota, Blong Xiong University of Minnesota; REBT Counseling Influence on Stress of Indian Adolescents. KJ Varghese Christ College, India; Linking Research to Counseling Interventions with Homeless People. Nogueira University of Coimbra, Portugal, Joaquim Ferreira University of Coimbra, Portugal; Effects of ERP for Obsessions Treatment. Siamak Khodarahimi Islamic Azad University, Iran
2:00 PM – 3:50PM
Cultural Competence in Asian Immigrant Research and Practice
Chair: Yuki Okubo, University of Wisconsin Madison; Pei-Wen Winnie Ma, William Paterson University
Presentations: Conducting Research with Japanese in the United States: Constructing
a Malleable Identity as a Researcher
. Yuki Okubo, University of Wisconsin Madison; Culturally Competent Psychological Intervention with Japanese Children. Masako Mori, Japan Education Center, Japanese Educational Institute of New York; Conducting Linguistically and Culturally Appropriate Career Intervention with Urban Asian Youths. Munyi Shea, Teachers College, Columbia University; Clinical Perspectives: Addressing the Needs of Chinese Adult Immigrants in Counseling. Lillian Chiang, University of Southern California, Pei-Wen Winnie Ma, William Paterson University
3:00 PM – 3:50 PM
Poster Sessions VIII - Prevention and Intervention
Counseling Psychology Model Training Values Statement Addressing Diversity
Chairs: Laurie B. Mintz , University of Missouri-Columbia; Kathleen J. Bieschke Pennsylvania State University
Presentations: The Need for a Counseling Psychology Model Training Values Statement Addressing Diversity. Aaron P. Jackson, Brigham Young University; Laurie B. Mintz University of Missouri-Columbia; Helen A. Neville University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Operationalizing, Instilling and Assessing Counseling Psychology Training Values Related to Diversity in Academic Programs. Carrie Winterowd, Oklahoma State University; Eve Adams, New Mexico State University; Marie Miville, Teacher’s College, Columbia University; Application of the Counseling Psychology Model Training Values Statement Addressing Diversity to the Admission Process. Michael I. Loewy, University of North Dakota; Cindy L. Juntunen, University of North Dakota; Changming Duan, University of Missouri-Kansas City; Implementing the Counseling Psychology Model Training Values Statement Addressing Diversity in University Counseling Center Internship Programs: Challenges and Strategies. Joyce Illfelder-Kaye, Pennsylvania State University; Elizabeth Reyes, University of Southern California; Karen Lese-Fowler, University of San Diego; Kevin Bursley, University of Pittsburgh
The Association of Black Psychologists: 40 Years of Action
Chair: Michael Connor California State University, Long Beach
Presentations: Goals and Commitments: Overview and Summary.Michael Connor, Cal State University, Long Beach; The Founding and Impact of ABPsi: Past, Present and Future. Joseph White, University of California, Irvine; Black Psychology: The Evolution of an Ideology. Thomas Parham, University of California, Irvine; ABPsi’s Raison d’etre. Harold Dent, Hampton University
White Racial Identity: Profiles, Factors, & Psychological Correlates
Chair: Kwong-Liem Karl Kwan
Presentations: Ego Strength Development and White Racial Identity
Status; White Racial Identity Profiles of Marriage and Family
Therapists; Racial Identity, Self-Esteem, and College Social
Discussant: Michael Mobley
Nontraditional Career Options for Counseling Psychologists
Chair: Y. Barry Chung, Georgia State University
Presentations: Dominic J. Barraclough, University of Wisconsin-Platteville; Pam A. Cogdal, University of Memphis; Briana Keller, University of Washington; Megan Foley Nicpon, University of Iowa; Michael Schaub, Georgetown University; Lewis Z. Schlosser, New York City Department of Correction; Nathan Grant Smith, Texas Woman’s University; Earlise C. Ward, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Elizabeth Nutt, Williams St. Mary's College of Maryland; Roger Worthington, University of Missouri-Columbia
Developing Collaborative Systems of Care: Social Advocacy and Counseling Psychology
Chair: Susan D. Lonborg, Central Washington University
Presentations: Integrating Medical and Psychological Service Delivery: Macrosystemic Considerations. Terrence Schwartz, Central Washington University; Building Mental Health Systems in a Diverse Underserved Area. Neal Bowen, Hildago Medical Services; Process and Outcome Evaluation: Individual and Systems Considerations. Susan Lonborg, Central Washington University.
Discussant: Kathleen Chwalisz, Southern Illinois University - Carbondale
Counseling Psychology and International Psychology: Future Possibilities
Chair: Michael J. Stevens, Illinois State University
Presentations: Lawrence H. Gerstein, Ball State University; P. Paul Heppner, University of Missouri-Columbia; Neal Rubin, Argosy University, Chicago
Using Online Counseling to Address Educational Disparities: Techniques, Training, and Supervision
Presentations: Linda Castillo; Texas A & M University; Collie Conoley, University of Santa Barbara; Andrew Reichert, Texas A & M University; Sallie Boulos, Texas A & M University; Clare Duffy, Texas A & M University 
The 800 Pound Gorilla: What Race and Genomics Are and Aren’t in Meaning and Measurement
Chair: Alvin Alvarez, San Francisco State University
Presentation: Vivian Ota-Wang, National Institutes of Health
Spotlight on Science: Contributions from Vocational Psychology
 Chair: Paul A. Gore, University of Utah
Presentations: Jo-Ida Hansen, University of Minnesota; Itamar Gati, Hebrew University, Jerusalem; Linda Subich, University of Akron; Steven D. Brown, Loyola University Chicago
Research Paper Presentations
International and Immigrant Issues
Presentations: Adaptation Process of Refugees from North Korea. Changdai Kim Seoul National University, South Korea, Soonhyung Lee Seoul National University, South Korea, Meejung Chin Seoul National University, South Korea; Helping Teen Immigrants Relocate. Moshe Israelashvili Tel Aviv University, Israel; International Relocation: Experiences of Japanese Families Upon Repatriation. Deborah Wiese Whitman College, Takashi Aoki Whitman College, Katherine Weaver Whitman College; Examining the Internationalization of Counseling Psychology: A content analysis. AlexPieterse George Mason University, Sarah Evans George Mason University
3:00 PM – 4:50 PM
Constructing Self and Identity in Counseling Psychology
Chair: Richard A. Young University of British Columbia, Canada
Presentations: School Transition and Self-construction in Adolescents and Emerging Adults. Jean Guichard Institut National da Etude du Travail, France, Jacques Pouyaud Institut National da Etude du Travail, France; Self and Identity: A Discourse Analysis Perspective. Graham Stead Cleveland State University; Narrative Perspectives on Construction of the Self: Implications for Counseling Psychology. Marla Buchanan University of British Columbia, Canada; The Identity Project: An Action-theory Perspective. Richard A. Young University of British Columbia, Canada, Sheila K. Marshall University of British Columbia, Canada, Ladislav Valach University of British Columbia, Canada
Discussant: David Blustein, Boston College
Adjustment Challenges of International Students and Their Spouses
Chair: Kenneth G. Rice, University of Florida
Presentations: The Roles of Perceived Justice and Ethnic Identity in International Students’ Adjustment. Tong-An Shueh, University of Florida; Mark Fondacaro, John Jay College of Criminal Justice; International Students and the Advisory Working Alliance. Kenneth G. Rice, Huan J. Ye, Debra A. Anderson, Monica Bigler, Chun-Chung Choi, Aleksandra Nesic, Jorge Villegas, & Yanmei Zhang, University of Florida; A Qualitative Investigation Into the Advising Experiences of International Students. Yanmei Zhang & Chun-Chung Choi, University of Florida; Exploratory Study of Distress Among Spouses of International Students. Monica Bigler & Greg Neimeyer, University of Florida
Discussant: Paul B Pedersen, Syracuse University and University of Hawaii
Globalization and College Counseling: Extending and Creating Culturally Relevant Services
Chair: Karen W. Tao University of Wisconsin - Madison
Presentations: The Role of College Counseling and Minority Doctoral Students. Karen W. Tao University of Wisconsin – Madison; International Students and Trauma: Implications for College Counseling. Monika Gutkowska University of Wisconsin – Madison; Korean American Undergraduates’ Reactions to the Virginia Tech Incident. Sara Cho Kim University of Wisconsin – Madison
Discussant: Meera Rastogi Edgewood College
International Adoptive Parents: Advancing Theory, Research, and Interventions
Chair: Karen M. O’Brien, University of Maryland
Presentations: Lifespan Experiences of Parents Who Adopted Internationally. Karen M. O’Brien, University of Maryland, Patricia Frazier, University of Minnesota, Maria Wydra & Maria Berbery, University of Maryland; Theoretical Models for Intervention With White Adoptive Parents. Kathy P. Zamostny & Erica Merson, University of Maryland; Helping Parents Facilitate Adoptee Connection to Birth Culture. Matthew J. Miller, Rebekah Grome, & Ji Eun Lee, University at Albany, State University of New York; Racism: Training White Parents to Educate and Advocate. Heather Z. Lyons, Loyola College in Maryland; Racial Identity Development among White Adoptive Parents. 
Marianne G. Dunn, University of Maryland
Discussant: Richard Lee, University of Minnesota 
4:00 PM – 4:50 PM
Genders in Action: Putting Theory into Practice
Chair: Matthew D. Graham The University of British Columbia, Canada
Presentations: The Role of Gender in Recovery: An Action Theoretical Analysis. Matthew D. Graham The University of British Columbia, Canada; Smoke, In My Eyes: Pierre Bourdieu and the Social Context of Young Women's Tobacco Use. Rebecca J. Haines The University of British Columbia, Canada; Voicing QLGBT genders/sexualities: A Dialogical Approach to Investigating the Multiple Identities of QLGBT Migrants. Sharalyn Jordan The University of British Columbia, Canada
Discussant: Ruth Fassinger
African American Substance Abuse: Innovative Implications for Research, Training, and Social Justice
Chair: Ezemenari M. Obasi, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Presentations: Innovative Experimental Research Methods in Substance Abuse Research Targeting People of African Descent. Ezemenari M. Obasi, Southern Illinois University Carbondale; Preparing Counseling Psychology Trainees for Substance Abuse Treatment with African American Clients. Angela R. Bethea, St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center; Examining the Role of Social Justice in Counseling to Improve Drug Treatment and Reform Drug Policies. Ivory A. Toldson, Howard University
Voices in the Wilderness: Religious, Gay-Affirming Counseling Psychologists
Chair: Eve M. Adams, New Mexico State University
Presentations: Religious LGBT allies: God knows they exist. Virginia Longoria & Eve M. Adams, New Mexico State University; Addressing Values Conflicts with Conservatively Religious Psychology Trainees. Tracie L. Hitter & Eve M. Adams, New Mexico State University; Psychology and Christianity: Integrating My Faith and Career. Lisa Amoroso-Johnson, Private Practice, Akron, OH; Reflections of a Gay-affirming Muslim Counseling Psychology Trainee. Natasha Ali, New Mexico State University; Training Gay-affirming Christian Psychologists: Creating Places of Compatibility. Stefani Hathaway, Bowling Green State University
Discussant: Laurie Mintz, University of Missouri – Columbia; Kathleen J. Bieschke, Pennsylvania State University
Advocacy and Social Justice: Why Care and How Can I Become Involved?
Chair: Lore Dickey, University of North Dakota
Presentations: Sonya Bettendorf, Southern Illinois University Carbondale; Kayla McKibben Hand, Southern Illinois University
Social Justice Perspectives on the Integration of Religious Issues in Counseling Psychology
Chair: Paul Priester, Cardinal Stritch University
Presentations: Do We Walk the Diversity Talk in Counseling Psychology: Anti-religious Bias in Admissions to APA-accredited Psychology Programs. Paul Priester, Cardinal Stritch University; Asma Masri-Jana, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; A National Survey of the Extent to which Counseling Psychology Training Programs View Religious/Spiritual Issues as a Component of Multicultural Training. Sally Hage, University at Albany; Muslims and Jews: Christian Privilege and Identity Issues. Lewis Z. Schlosser, Seton Hall University; Saba R. Ali, University of Iowa
Women at Different Stages of International Career Development
Chair: Tamiko Mogami Tottori University Faculty of Medicine, Japan
Presentations: Perspectives on Building a Psychological Career in North America. Tamiko Mogami, Tottori University Faculty of Medicine, Tottori Japan; Perspectives on Building a Psychological Career in One’s Homeland. Kaori Wada, McGill University, Montreal, Canada; A Psychological Career in North America or in One's Homeland? Perspectives of a Graduate Student. Sayaka Machizawa, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Chicago, IL
Discussant: Carolyn Zerbe Enns, Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, IA
Learn More about the Five Ethnic Minority Psychological Associations
Chair: Linda Forrest, President, Division 17, The Society of Counseling Psychology
Presentations: Alvin Alvarez, President, The Asian American Psychological Association;
Edward Delgado-Romero, President-Elect, National Latina/o Psychological Association;
Manny Casas, President-Elect, Division 45, The Society for the Psychological Study of Ethnic Minority Issues
The Internationalization of Counseling: Assumptions, Challenges, and Opportunities
Chair: Lawrence H. Gerstein, Ball State University
Presentations: The Counseling Profession Outside of the United States. Lawrence H. Gerstein, Ball State University; P. Paul Heppner, University of Missouri-Columbia; Internationalization of the Counseling Profession – An Indigenous Perspective. Seung Ming Alvin Leung, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong; Kathryn L. Norsworthy, Rollins College; Methodological Issues in Cross-Cultural Research. Stefanía Ægisdóttir, Ball State University; Lawrence H. Gerstein, Ball State University; Seung Ming Alvin Leung, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong; Walter Lonner, Western Washington University; International border crossings: Research, training, and practice. Kathryn L. Norsworthy, Rollins College; Seung Ming Alvin Leung, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong; P. Paul Heppner, University of Missouri-Columbia; Lifei Wang, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan
International Counseling Psychology Initiatives: Challenges and Successes 
Chair: Tina Q. Richardson, Lehigh University
Presentations: Guerda Nicolas, Boston College; Angela DeSilvia, Boston College
Build and Expand your Independent Practice for ECPs
Chair: Traci E. Callandrillo
Presentations: Building your Independent Practice. Jean Carter; Unique Opportunities for Counseling Psychologists in Expanding Their Private Practice. Melba Vasquez;
Building a Forensic Practice. Steve Eichel
The Process of Licensure: Changes on the Horizon
Chair: Emil Rodolfa, Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards
Presentations: The Licensing Process in the United States and Canada. Roberta Nutt, Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards; The APA Model Licensing Act and Its Effect on Jurisdictional Practice. Catherine Grus, American Psychological Association Education Directorate; Changes to the Practicum Experience. Nadya Fouad, University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee; APAGS View of Licensure. Nadia Hassan, American Psychological Association of Graduate Students
Discussant: Emil Rodolfa, Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards
Education and Training in Psychology: The Role of Counseling Psychology
Chair: Kathlyn Dailey, Texas State University
Presentations: Cynthia Belar, American Psychological Association Education Directorate
Cross-cultural Collaborations: Issues to Consider and Recommendations
Chair: Rachel Gali Cinamon, Tel Aviv University, Israel
Presentations: Kwong-Liem Karl Kwan, University of Missouri; Chia-Chih DC Wang, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Research Paper Presentations
Career Interests and Vocational Choice
Chair: Paul Gore, University of Utah
Presentations: Developing a Theoretically-based Indigenous Interest Inventory in Iceland. Sif Eisnarsd University of Iceland, Iceland, James Rounds University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign; Assessing the Degree of Crystallization of Career-Related Preferences. Itamar Gati Hebrew University, Israel, Aviva Shimoni Beit Berl Academic College, Israel; Who Decides? Adolescence and Life Choices in India. Mrinalini Rao University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Robert W. Roeser Tufts University, Ayesha Gonsalves University of Pune, India, Yogita Hasta, University of Pune, India, Mukti Shah, University of Pune, India; Antecedents of Foreclosure in Swiss Adolescents Career Decision-Making. Andreas Hirschi Pennsylvania State University


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