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Sunday, March 9, 2008
8:00 AM – 8:50 AM
Career Pathways of International Early Career Psychologists
Chair: Yu-Wei Wong, Southern Illinois University
Presentations: Building Your Research as an International ECP. Oksana Yakushko, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Building an Academic Career in the U.S. and Other Countries. Yu-Wei Wong, Southern Illinois University; Building Your Counseling Center Career as an International ECP. Pius Niutu, University of Texas-Austin; Building an Independent Practice as an International ECP. Tanya Razzhavaikina, Lincoln Nebraska
Counseling Psychology Prevention Efforts in Guatemala
Chair: Michael Waldo, New Mexico State University
Presentations: Guatemalan Psychologists’ Views on Prevention: Barriers, Benefits, Training. Ingrid E. Klanderud, Universidad del Valle de Guatemala, Guatemala;
Preventive Group Work in Guatemala: Training and Action. Michael Waldo, New Mexico State University; Prevention in Guatemala: Needs, Initiatives and Future Directions. Marìa del Pilar Grazioso, Universidad del Valle de Guatemala, Guatemala; Systems Change Fosters Prevention in Guatemala. Lucia Cazali, Universidad del Valle de Guatemala, Guatemala; Emergency Call Center in Guatemala: A Preventive Measure. Claudia Luna-Asturias, Universidad del Valle de Guatemala, Guatemala;
Discussant: Michael Waldo, New Mexico State University
Chinese Counseling Journals and the Internationalization of Counseling Psychology
Chair:  Kwong-Liem Karl Kwan University of Missouri
Presentations: S. Alvin Leung, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong; Meei-Ju Lin, National Hualien University of Edcuation, Taiwan; Charles C. Chan, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong; Larry Gerstein, Ball State University
Research Paper Presentations
Racism and Social Justice
Chair: Krista Chronister, University of Oregon
Presentations: Development of the Awareness of Racism by Whites. Shawn McDonald St. Mary’s College; Contextualizing Psychosocial Costs of Racism to Whites. Lisa Spanierman University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign; Social Justice and Counseling Psychology. Anneliese Singh University of Georgia; Counseling Psychology Graduate Trainee’s Commitment to Social Justice. Amanda Beer University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
8:00 AM – 9:50 AM
Future Directions and Applications of Well-Being Research
Chair: Kimberley R. Monden The University of Kansas, Melinda J. Key-Roberts The University of Kansas
Presentations: Theories and Models of Well-Being: A Brief Review. Hung-Bin Sheu Arizona State University; Robert W. Lent University of Maryland, College Park; Goals in Action: Well-Being Research on Campus. Danny Singley University of California, San Diego; Jeanne Manese University of California, Irvine; Reconceptualizing Therapy Outcomes In Terms of Subjective Well-Being. Jeana L. Magyar-Moe University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point; Well-Being and Culture: Challenges and Future Directions in Exploring Cultural Contexts. Lisa Edwards Marquette University
Discussant: Shane Lopez,University of Kansas
Applying Culturally Expanded Perspectives of Traditional Career Theories with Latinas/os
Chair: Erin E. Hardin, Texas Tech University
Presentations: Applying a Culturally Expanded Perspective of Holland’s Theory to Latinas/os. Jason Vasquez New Mexico State University, Rachel L. Navarro NMSU, Erin E Hardin Texas Tech University; Applying a Culturally Expanded Perspective of Super’s Theory to Latinas/os. Christine Robitschek, Matt Ashton, Erin Hardin Texas Tech University; A Culturally Sensitive Perspective of Social Cognitive Career Theory with Latinas/os. Lizette Ojeda and Lisa Y Flores University of Missouri-Columbia
Discussant: Consuelo Arbona, University of Houston
Integrative Training Model: Achieving Individual and Cultural Diversity Competence
Chair: Marie L. Miville Teachers College, Columbia University
Presentations: Marie L. Miville Teachers College, Columbia University; Changming Duan, University of Missouri-Kansas City; Roberta Nutt, Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards; M. Carol Pistole, Purdue University
Traditional and Nontraditional Career and Family Choices
Chair: Kristin Perrone, Ball State University & Debra Mollen, Texas Women’s University
Presentations: Women pursuing nontraditional careers: A Social Cognitive Career Theory Perspective. Julie Ericksen and Donna E. Schultheiss, Cleveland State University; On Men and Work: Taking the Road Less Travelled. Mary J. Heppner and P. Paul Heppner,University of Missouri-Columbia; Hanging in the Balance: Women’s Traditional and Non-Traditional Strategies for Managing Multiple Roles. Gina Zanardelli and Jenelle N. Boo, Ball State University; The impact of nontraditional career choices on work-family interface. Z. Vance Jackson,Green Mountain State University, Stephen Wright and Kristin Perrone, Ball State University; Gender role prescriptions, household labor, and inequality. Linda Najjar, University of Utah
Discussant: Susan C. Whiston, Indiana University
Changing Realities of Academia: Counseling Psychologists Discuss Strategies for Obtaining Grant Funds
Chair: Matthew P. Martens, University of Memphis
Presentations: Kathleen Chwalisz, Southern Illinois University; Richard M. Lee, University of Minnesota; Matthew P. Martens, University of Memphis; Karen D. Multon, University of Kansas; Elizabeth A. Skowron, Pennsylvania State University
An International Perspective on Prevention in the Schools
Chair: David L. Blustein, Boston College
Presentations: A Comprehensive and Coordinated school-based Approach to Prevention and Health Promotion. Maureen E. Kenny and Mary Walsh, Boston College; Development of Emotional Competencies: An Emotional Intelligence training. Annamaria DiFabio, University of Florence, Italy; Developing Career Curriculum for At-Risk Israeli Youth. Rachel Gali Cinamon, University of Tel Aviv, Israel; The ‘Difficult: No problem!’ Training for Undecided Adolescents. Lea Ferrari, Laura Nota, and Salvatore Soresi, University of Padua, Italy
Discussant: John Romano, University of Minnesota
International Professionals in U.S. Counseling Centers: Successfully Navigating Internship and Early Careers
Chair: Jaquelyn Liss Resnick University of Florida
Presentations: Navigating Internship. Gizem Aksoy Toska, University of Florida and Turkey; Dissertation and Beyond. Lisa Ferdinand, University of Florida and Trinidad;
The Postdoctoral Experience. Anca Mirsu-Paun, University of Florida and Romania;
Being a New Staff Member. Kenneth T. Wang, University of Illinois and Taiwan;
Early Career Issues. Hsui-Lan Cheng, University of Michigan and Taiwan; Chun-Chung Choi, University of Florida and China; Being an Assistant Director. Kuanwu Lin, University of Illinois and Taiwan
9:00 AM – 9:50 AM
Transitional Issues for Counseling Psychology Students: Studying and Working Abroad in a Changing World
Chairs: Manijeh Badiee, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Meris Williams, University of British Columbia
Presentations: Robinder (Rob) Bedi, University of Victoria; Monicah Muhomba, University of Kentucky; Marco Gemignani, Duquesne University; Yu-Wei Wang, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale; Teresa Tuason, University of North Florida;
Kuanwu Lin, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Ran Zhao, University of Missouri-Columbia; Rex Stockton, Indiana University; Chanda C. Corbett, Loyola College; Marilyn Stern, Virginia Commonwealth University; Lynn Miller, University of British Columbia
Psychology International: Organizational and Individual Perspectives
Chair: Stephen M. Quintana, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Presentations: APA's International Agenda: CIRP, GOALS and the Office of International Affairs. Merry Bullock, American Psychological Association;
CIRP's Role in Raising Consciousness and Supporting International Collaborations. Carolyn Zerbe Enns, Cornell College; A Counseling Psychologist's Involvement in CIRP and International Research. Stephen M. Quintana, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Future of Counseling Psychology: Being Relevant Now and in 2020
Chair: Steven J. Danish, Virginia Commonwealth University
Presentations: Bruce Walsh. Ohio State University; John Krumboltz. Stanford University; Nadya Fouad. UW-Milwaukee; Rosie Bingham. University of Memphis.
International Opportunities for Psychologists and Graduate Students
Chair: Karin Lutter, University of Oregon
Presentations: Benedict McWhirter, University of Oregon; John Romano, University of Minnesota; Nancy Elman, University of Pittsburgh (Semester at Sea); Luis Rivas, Department of Veterans Affairs, San Juan, Puerto Rico; Sif Einarsdóttir, University of Iceland
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